Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'll be stunned if Moore doesn't start

Matt Moore practicing on Wednesday for the Panthers was a very good sign for the quarterback. I'd now be stunned if he doesn't start Sunday against Tampa Bay.

Moore had the second concussion of his football career Sunday against the New York Giants -- he said Wednesday afternoon that his first one came in high school. As coach John Fox had hypothesized Monday, Moore had the concussion on his next-to-last snap, when his head banged into the artificial turf on a sack.

Shortly afterward, Moore came out to direct the next series -- he described this as an "in-the-moment-thing." It's now clear, of course, that Moore shouldn't have been out there at all for that series -- he already had had the concussion -- but at the time it apparently wasn't evident.

So Moore dropped back, Jordan Gross missed a block and Moore got blindsided (fumbling for the second straight play). It was at this point that he felt nauseous and came out of the game. (Jimmy Clausen came in, ran for his life on a couple of plays and threw two incompletions).

In any event, Moore seemed more or less himself Wednesday, although a little more serious and a little less jokey than usual during his interview session. That may not be a bad thing. Moore certainly deserves to start again Sunday -- I wrote a column to that effect in Monday's newspaper -- but he isn't going to have unlimited chances to get this right. Concussions are serious. The Panthers' offensive problems are serious. Something positive better happen Sunday.

Tampa Bay at home -- now that's a game the Panthers better win. Carolina's talent level is better than the Bucs, and you can't say that anymore about too many NFL teams.


Anonymous said...

Hope you are right about him starting Scott, and you are definitely right about us needed to get on the right track with the O on Sunday.

Ryan said...

Any validity to the rumors we might trade Jonathan Stewart to GB? Based on the amount of PT Goodson is getting and that they liked Sutton so much not to trade him. Plus, they've been so cheap its hard to imagine them resigning D-Will and Stew.

Mak said...

The concussion definitely will calm him down. He seemed too tense against Giants and as soon as he tried to get something going in the 2nd half, the rain started coming down and his line started to suck badly. Everybody on the line had problems. One problem the offense has is the people they put in and the routes they're running. We need more short passes. Jarrett should not be running go routes

Darin is an idiot said...

Ryan, Stop listening to these stupid rumors. If anyone gets traded its Deangelo Williams since he's in the last year of his contract. I doubt that happens either.

Anonymous said...

Pretty bad when your passer rating is LOWER than the guy who didn't complete a pass!!! LOL

internet said...

i find it funny how people talk shit about your writing - yet you are always on point giving us the best news on the Panthers. As of this week im putting my emotions into the Colts.. I love the panthers but they are in a Rebuilding Mode preparing for next year. I think not many people think how serious this Cba thing is going to get. Jerry Richardson knows theres going to be a Lockout and many fans wont beleive until around this Time next year when they realize that OMG theres No football.
Talking Of Tampa bay - If you want to hear the backstory behind how he got his domain from me.. Ill have a very interesting stry for you ;)

Anonymous said...

Ryan where did you hear that rumor about J Stew?