Friday, September 24, 2010

My Bengals-Panthers prediction (and some notes)

A few pregame notes on the Bengals-Panthers contest Sunday, along with my prediction:

-- Jimmy Clausen better provide that spark John Fox wants so badly Sunday. Fox doesn’t have a whole lot of cards to play after this one. I think Clausen will do enough things right to at least start next week at New Orleans, too -- a more difficult assignment than this one.

-- The Panthers can’t really be any worse in the red zone, so I’m guessing they will be better Sunday under rookie quarterback Clausen. In four of six red-zone (inside the 20) chances this season, Carolina has come away with zero points four times.

-- The Panthers’ odds to win the Super Bowl have gone from 55-1 in the preseason to 150-1 today, according to oddsmaker

-- Cincinnati intercepted Baltimore's Joe Flacco four times last week and has to be salivating at getting a chance to rattle a rookie. Any defensive coordinator is going to blitz a rookie QB, so the first two seconds of every dropback is going to be extremely important to Clausen.

-- The 52 points Carolina scored against Cincinnati in 2002 remain the most ever scored by any team vs. the Bengals – and the most the Panthers have ever scored as well. You might remember that Steve Smith scored TDs of 31, 61 and 87 yards in that one (the latter two on punt returns).

-- Terrell Owens has long been a thorn in Carolina’s side. In 15 games over his career against the Panthers -- nearly a full season’s worth – Owens has had 1,110 receiving yards on 75 catches vs. Carolina. That’s more receptions and yards than T.O. has against any other team over his career. The Panthers have to be more worried today, though, about Chad Ochocinco, who is playing as well as any receiver in the NFL.

-- The only way I think the Panthers win this one is if they rush for 150 or more yards on the ground and win the turnover war.

-- The Panthers need this one badly -- and my colleague Ron Green Jr. thinks they will get it. But I think Cincinnati is a slightly stronger team overall. My pick: Bengals, 23-17.


Anonymous said...

"...But I think Cincinnati is a slightly stronger team overall."..

..and Beyonce is slightly more attractive, overall, than Whoopi.

Darin is an idiot said...

Bengals will match the 52 pts we put up on them 8 years ago.

Bengals 52
Panthers 9

mrbernz said...

You want to place a bet on that Idiot? I bet they dont get within 10 points of it, if i lose i will declare you the genius, if you lose you just remain the Idiot, sound fair?

Poor Pitiful Phanthr Phan said...

Guys, come on. The Panthers (players and coaches) can't compete in the NFL for well known reasons. BUT they completely make up for it by being REALLY CHEAP.

Versus Cincy - Rotsa Ruck.

Check back in 2 years.

Darin is an idiot said...

Mr. Bernz

Ive already been declared a genius! Why do you think your boy Darin booted me from posting in his section? He couldnt stand arguing with someone smarter than him (That and he didnt like me reveling that Marty Hurney is his only source).

"Darin is an idiot" is an idiot said...

Need I say more? I think the name says it all.

Anonymous said...

Carolina wins 17 to 14 in the rain which has to help the Panthers chances. If the rain makes it a run game the the panthers have the advantage.

Anonymous said...

"The only way I think the Panthers win this one is if they rush for 150 or more yards on the ground..."

Hopefully that leads to some touchdowns in the endzone

Anonymous said...

who is the retard ?