Thursday, November 12, 2009

Panthers throwing scared?

I enjoyed Charles Chandler's story today on the Panthers' passing game problems, which provided a thorough look at why Carolina only has one TD pass to its wide receivers in the first half of the season.

I also got a laugh out of Steve Smith's comment about how the coaches can get him the ball more: "I'm not dipping up in that can of chili." That should be a new catch-phrase for the Panthers -- it's a much more colorful way to say "no comment."

I thought the most telling quote in the story, however, came from veteran wide receiver Muhsin Muhammad. "Maybe we're trying to play with too much caution," Moose said, and that's exactly it.

Now Moose is part of this problem. He can't get open deep anymore, he's not winning as many jump-ball battles as he used to and he hasn't scored all year. Nevertheless, I think he nailed it here. The Panthers' offense looks like it is always navigating a treacherous road with "Caution" signs all over the place.

Run on first down. Run on second down. Short throw -- or draw play -- on third down. Rinse and repeat.

That's an oversimplication, and it's true this offense has also provided Carolina with an upset of Arizona and a near-upset of New Orleans. And Jake Delhomme hasn't thrown an interception the past 2 games, either.

But you can't hide your quarterback in the NFL. If Delhomme is going to play, as I've written before, let him play. The Panthers are playing offense right now like a boxer who has one hand tied behind his back -- they can occasionally score a surprise knockout, but they are never going to be that good unless they at least try to utilize all their weapons.

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Kelly said...

The problem with the offense, especially from a passing standpoint, is no creativity. You look at Jeff Davidson, and to a large degree John Fox, and there is not a lot of flair there. In this league, you have to be creative, both offensively and defensively, to be successful. We are like plain yogurt...good for you sometimes, not very tasty, and not sustaining.

"Scared men never win."

Anonymous said...

The problem with the offense is Joke DaHomie. Period.

Cowboy_A17 said...

The fact of the matter is that evryone is right. Coach Fox is calling plays to keep Jake from throwing interseptions. The Defense is sitting on the run because it is so obvious. You have to utilize Steve Smith and his talents. If you take him out of the game coaching to keep Jake in the game you have already lost the game!

Anonymous said...

The Panthers are throwing scared, but the root of the problem is that they are COACHING scared! They are so worried about turnovers that every time they get a lead, they go into the "turtle" offense - "please don't turn the ball over, please don't!" And their play calling reflects it. They are not just doing this on offense. I would love to see the statistics on how many times we blitz - I would bet that we are dead last in the league! And how many times have you seen other coaches beat the pants off of ours with halftime adjustments? Nearly every game - mostly due to the "turtle" offense and unimaginative defenseive schemes. The Panthers' coaches just don't have a killer instinct. You can make the argument that it is just as bad to lose a game by being over aggressive, but the fans are sick to death of seeing plain old Saltine cracker plays! Put a little something on the cracker now and then, even if its potted meat!

Anonymous said...

So now after only 1 TD all yr its "throwing scared". Wow. What will they think of next? Yea lets blame the QB. Afterall its up to him to get his WR open when there are 2 or 3 DBs in the way and he has to force his throws. We've already seen the star WRs refuse to play def to knock down interceps.
Its the same idiot logic of blaming the RBs when the OL misses a block.
Lets blame the vanilla coach too even when everything is delegated to OCs or DCs.

Does the QB make bad throws? Of course but a good WR regardless whether he is 4' or 6' tall will go get the ball on a long that is unless they dont try ...
We even saw a crybaby star WR blaming his own team when he was hit out of bounds... Somebody needs to be bitchslapped and benched.

12th_Man_Fan said...

The problems with our passing game are many, and there's plenty of "ownership" to go around.

A good WR HAS to find a way to get open. A comeback route when the QB is in trouble helps.

QB should not be forcing the ball or committing turnovers. Ball protection should be paramount. "Touch", reads, and accuracy are not exactly stellar this year.

Playcalling should compliment the game. Calling plays to either neuter the QB to limit Turnovers, or "resurrect a QB's confidence" is counterproductive. Passing on 3-1, given our run game, is curious.

There's plenty to choose from in the areas of "need to improve", pick any and our game gets better.

Anonymous said...

Whats up with these player tantrums on the sidelines? Who in the entire NFL throws more tantrums than a certain reciever who sucks this yr?

Why dont they just give the baby a passifier and a warm bottle of milk when he gets whiny and pitches a big fit?

Anonymous said...

I thought this was funny see number one on this list.

Anonymous said...

Its the same game we have been playing for years. Jake throwing to Smith on the same routes or tossing it up for him pull down (just higher this year). Same for Moose. The other teams have been looking at the same offense for years. They know our game.

Anonymous said...

Allowing Jake to take the game in his hands and throw has already been tried. You saw the results. Have you not been paying attention? It was passing on 1st down at NO in the 2nd half that caused us to lose. Have you not been paying attention? Moose and Smith will always say throw it more for selfish reasons, Moose to get higher #s for the HOF and Smith to get higher #s for a new contract. Have you not been paying attention?

Anonymous said...

Smitty, Hey, I know you feel like crap. I mean, you’re not a very handsome guy anyway, so. But, the performer, the receiver … I never really liked you as a whiner. But as a person, that’s who I love. I love you as a person.

Anonymous said...

Hey a mystery is solved. I wondered who read Chandler's stuff. Can't believe I read yours.

Anonymous said...

The problem: Jake Delhomme is no longer a viable option.
The solution: a new quarterback

The new problem: John Fox is way too stubborn to give up on Jake
The new solution: Force Fox to play Matt Moore the rest of the season, if he can't get it done. Draft a the same as before, trade future picks.

Reggie said...

Kelly, you absolutely nailed it. While people rail on Jake - and for good reason - you can't overlook the fact that Jeff Davidson has brought NOTHING to the table but boredom. But that's also John Fox's style of play. Look, John Fox was good for us for a number of years, but that time has passed. It's time for a coaching change, new faces and a new philosophy.

Anonymous said...

You simpletons need to get a life.It's just a silly ball game.