Thursday, November 19, 2009

Miami takes 7-3 lead in 2nd quarter

Miami running back Ricky Williams just scored on a 14-yard pass from Chad Henne, giving the Dolphins a 7-3 lead with 3:57 left in the second quarter.

The drive was a real kick in the face for the Panthers' defense, which up until then had completely held the Dolphins down. But this drive went nine plays for 81 yards and took up 5:28. Perhaps worst of all, Miami managed to get itself out of a second-and-29 hole at one point with a short pass and a draw play. That just shouldn't happen.

The defenses have really dominated most of the first half. Carolina QB Jake Delhomme has been sacked twice. After a drive for three points on the Panthers' first possession, the team punted the next three times in a row. Several deep throws to Steve Smith have gone awry.

The Dolphins punted the first three times they had the ball, too. But on their fourth drive, Henne threw a strike that went 36 yards to Brian Hartline. Miami also converted a third-and-16 draw play -- yes, Dan Henning called that one -- to get the ball inside the Panther 20.

Then, on third-and-9 from the Carolina 14, Henne hit Ricky Williams coming out of the backfield. Na'il Diggs had the only shot at him, at the 5, and Williams shook off that tackle and jogged into the end zone for Miami's 7-3 lead.


cmo said...

outcoached and outinspired again

no hail mary at half?

Julie said...

This is killing me. I think we really miss Jordan Gross. He earned that contract extension.

Anonymous said...

Steve Smith being easily handled single coverage by a ROOKIE!

Anonymous said...

NO home crowd advantage. Looks and sounds like a Miami home game/

Anonymous said...

Headline should read "Panthers Suck at Halftime"