Sunday, November 15, 2009

Panthers 28-19 as Stewart goes 45 for TD

The Panthers may have just cemented this one with a 45-yard TD from Jonathan Stewart -- the longest rush of his career.

It was shaky a moment before. Carolina led only 21-19 and Atlanta had the ball at midfield with four minutes left. But Matt Ryan overthrew a receiver -- he's the QB with pickoff problems today, not Jake Delhomme -- and Richard Marshall intercepted it and ran it back to the Carolina 49.

The Panthers then needed at least to make a first down to seal the game. They did better than that, with Stewart's run on third down giving Carolina the 9-point lead.


Curtis said...

Wooooooooo!!! That ladies and gentlement should just about do it.

No Falcons fans on here today.

The season is still alive folks. The season is still alive. We have a long road ahead of us but this was a huge win for us today...without it, I think the season is done for sure.

Jennifer said...

This is why I sit quietly during the week and just read the comments, because come Sunday ...its always nice to scan back over them and just SMILE...

Julie said...

Great touchdown run! Go Stewart!