Sunday, November 15, 2009

21-10 at the half, Carolina

The Panthers finished up a fine first half by scoring a third TD -- this one set up by rookie Sherrod Martin's third interception of the season. That gives Carolina a 21-10 lead at halftime -- Steve Smith already has two 4-yard TD receptions from Jake Delhomme today.

Carolina, however, has also suffered two major injuries. On Smith's second TD catch, he bruised some ribs. His return is questionable. And Pro Bowl LT Jordan Gross is done at least for this game and possibly for a lot longer (maybe even the season).

Gross hurt his right ankle on a block. Badly, it looked like. They put an immobilizing device on Gross on the field and then carted him off, and that combo usually means something is broken.

As for positive news, Jake has a 147.0 QB rating at halftime (11-14-137, 2 TDs, zero interceptions).


Jennifer said...

Great half for the offense....No turnovers!!!

Hope the injury to Gross, isnt as bad as it looked :-(

Jake played really well in the first half...He and Smitty looked like the breath taking duo of back in the day <:-)

Crosses fingers for the 2nd half...turnover free and injury free (hoepfully)!!!

Jennifer said...

well there goes my spell check for the day <:-) (hopefully)

Curtis said...

Definitely a little bit more "on the same page" with Smitty and Jake in this game. About time.

Gross maybe out for a few weeks after this injury, if not longer. Big loss...sliding Wharton out is a good move though.

Funny...quiet, no Falcons fans here today?

Smitty looks ready to go for the second half. Good news.

Ok boys, unlike last week, lets close this one out in the second half.

Any thoughts on Godfrey losing his starting job to Martin? Martin has played pretty good these past few weeks.

Julie said...

I really hope the injury to Gross wasn't as bad as it looked. Losing Davis was bad enough, but Gross? I don't want to think about it!