Thursday, November 19, 2009

24-14 Dolphins as Williams scores third TD

The Panthers' death knell in this game likely just sounded as Ricky Williams burst through a hole up the middle and went 46 yards for a TD -- his third of the game -- to increase Miami's lead to 24-14 late in the fourth quarter.

The Panthers had scored on a 27-yard TD pass from Jake Delhomme to Steve Smith just a couple of minutes before, then made the two-point conversion to cut Miami's lead to 17-14.

But the Panther defense couldn't make the key stop -- in fact, it allowed a 59-yard, four-play drive by a Dolphin team that was really just trying to possess the ball, not necessarily score.

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Anonymous said...

Bahhaaaahaaa Even the NFL Network was spouting off all night about how sorry Jake is and How the Panthers were poorly prepared. Bwwaahaahaa.

Tell me something I didn't know six years ago.