Friday, November 4, 2011

A TV show Panther fans shouldn't miss and other Friday notes

This is the day I traditionally post my forecast of Sunday's Panthers game. But for the only time in a 17-week period, the Panthers don't play Sunday due to their bye week. This is something of a relief, since I can guarantee for once I won't miss the outcome -- I've misfired on the last three Panther games in a row. In the meantime, a few notes:

1) If you missed the "Turning Point" NFL Films show Thursday night on Versus, you need to tune into it Saturday at 5 p.m. if you are a Panther fan. It will re-air on NBC that day, so whether you have cable or not, you can see it, and you should.

NFL Films had coach Ron Rivera miked up for the game -- there's a cool conversation he has with one NFL official in the pregame about Cam Newton -- and also caught some good sideline dialogue involving Steve Smith and others for the Panthers-Minnesota game.

The first 20 minutes or so of the hour-long show focuses mostly on last week's game. I was impressed by Rivera's sideline demeanor. The coach mutters "He missed it" when Olindo Mare hooks the 31-yarder that would have sent the game into overtime, but quickly rebounds and tells Mare "Keep your head up" as he comes off the field. He mostly tells players "Do your job, Do your job" as they head onto the field and comes across as calm and in charge.

The slow-motion highlights, though, are reason enough to watch -- practically every big play Newton and Smith have had all season is shown, and that's a lot of big plays. It's really good stuff. Again, Saturday at 5 p.m. on NBC -- tape it or watch it (the Panther section only lasts about the first 20 minutes).

2) Here's my column from today on the verbal jabs from UNC interim football coach Everett Withers and N.C. State head coach Tom O'Brien, in which I call Withers' words silly and short-sighted.

3) Pro Football Talk has an interesting story today about how the Panthers drafting Newton No.1 ended up paying off for Buffalo quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, who just signed a big contract. Buffalo had its eye on Newton at No.3, see, and Fitzpatrick then wouldn't have gotten a new deal.

4) Our Rick Bonnell has a nice piece in today's Charlotte Observer about what might have been had the Bobcats opened their regular season as scheduled vs. Milwaukee tonight. I still think there will be an NBA season this year, but I don't think they'll try to squeeze in 82 games anymore -- maybe more like 60-70.


Anonymous said...

i really miss getting read to your prediction.

glad you called withers out for being an idiot.....but it has been well known for quite a while

Anonymous said...

Turning point does not have a 20 minute segment on every game, just one. Last week, I DVRed the program, but missed the Panthers segment because it started late because a game ran late. With the Panthers segment being first, that shouldn't be a problem this week, but keep that in mind for future recordings.

ScottLovesCam said...

I hear Cam needs someone to clean his shoes. Better hurry right over and get on that Scott.

Withers was correct. NCSU is running a halfassed program that graduates little over 50% of its students. He is a stat you are to chicken to post. If NCSU petitioned the ACC to join the league today, they would not be allowed because of the poor grades. FACT.

BTW, maybe when you get over your UNC hate, you will recognize that they have one of the better QB's in America.

Now carry on with your ranting.

Anonymous said...

wipe the egg off of your face tar hole.

what you fail to understand is that the heels easily get good marks when they take courses that don't really even exist and are given grades.

state is doing things more by the rules and hence aren't in trouble.

withers needs to shut his mouth, holden thorpe, whom you hate, had to do the right thing again and save face for the school.

Panthers4life said...

BTW "scottloves cam", you ought to get ur facts straight here, Fowler is a UNC grad, so im pretty sure that his "UNC hate" is nonexistent, he is sposed to be unbiased, its a journalists job. Now shut up and get a life

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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