Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bad mistakes early for Panthers in 1st quarter

Carolina started its game against Tennessee very poorly. The Panthers were behind 7-0 only 64 seconds into the game and 14-0 before it was 10 minutes old.

The Panthers went three-and-out on the first series of the game, and then Jason Baker's 56-yard punt was run back 79 yards for a touchdown down the sideline by Marc Mariani.

The coverage was horrible on the play -- Mariani basically went straight up the sideline after one juke.

Then Carolina did put together a nice drive -- a Cam Newton interception was nullified when Tennessee had a defensive holding call -- and got inside the 10. But on the play that got them there, tight end Greg Olsen fumbled the ball away and Tennessee recovered at its own 8.

The Titans immediately went on a 92-yard TD drive from there that took only six plays, with the final 43 coming when the Panthers' secondary let Damian Williams turn a short pass into an easy touchdown with some awful tackling by Sherrod Martin and others.

Boos are sounding in Charlotte, as Tennessee leads 14-0 with 5:45 still left in the first quarter.


John W. said...

Can we all finally concede that it was a mistake to swap Kasay (who has a 52 yarder today) for Mare?

ScottIsInThePocketOfTheCO said...

I am sure you will find a way to give Cam a "C" grade. He is garbage, just like this joke of a team. 3-13

John W. said...

You're joking, right? He's not playing as well as he usually does (because he usually carries the team) but he hasn't been dropping all those balls, either.

And he's our best runner.

It's the coaches who've failed today.

Anonymous said...

airplane boy cant get it done, bring on somebodies grandma

Where's the run? said...

Our defense is going to give up 23 pts on a regular basis. Today's loss is due to lack of adjustment on Chud's part...we're trying to continue passing despite Titan's D keying on that. 11 runs for Dwill and JStew? That's stupid.

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