Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Panthers by the numbers after 9 games

Some significant numbers for the 2-7 Panthers:

0-3 -- Carolina's road record. The Panthers are one of only two NFL teams (along with Indianapolis) that has yet to win a game on the road. They are about to get a lot of chances. Five of Carolina's final seven games are on the road, including the next three.

2 -- Carolina's rank in total penalty yardage this season. The Panthers have been penalized a total of 659 yards. Only the perennial bad-boy Oakland Raiders (775) has been flagged for more yardage.

7 -- Points the Panthers need to surpass their total number of points for the entire 2010 season. They scored 196 last year in 16 games. This year, even with a horrible game Sunday, they have scored 190 in nine games.

9 -- Scoreless possessions for the Panthers Sunday before they finally scored against Tennessee in that 30-3 loss. Those first nine possessions went like this: punt, lost fumble, punt, punt, punt, punt, punt, missed field goal and punt.

49 -- Yards Steve Smith needs for the sixth 1,000-yard receiving season of his career. He's at 951 now. His career high of 1,563 was set in 2005.

137.6 -- Rushing yards per game the Panthers' defense is now giving up after allowing Tennessee 172 Sunday. That average ranks 28th in the NFL.

289.4 -- Cam Newton's average number of passing yards, which is now sixth in the NFL. Newton has been as high as No.2 in that category this season but has fallen off a bit lately in production.


Anonymous said...

99.5% -- Percentage of fans that left the game early on Sunday after watching that debacle

Anonymous said...


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Well there you go. This was partly due to goat JR giving NFL union mafia billions more to end their BS strike. And then he shells out 500 mill more to his "underpaid" whiny losers?

NBA could be over due to union and strikes and outrageous salaries.
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wbrazell said...

it's like this the panthers have no backbone and that is coaching. I just hope our head coach learns faster then he has shown. because we have got out coached every game even the ones we won. mack is the worst our defence looks out of place way to offten.

Anonymous said...

Typical Tar Hole Fowler and the Daily Tar Hole/Disturber....K breaks the record, and not a peep from them, all of the writing was from AP or Raleigh.

If it were fake Roy winning 903, we would never hear the end of it.