Saturday, November 26, 2011

Panthers to win in Indy

It doesn't quite seem fair, does it?

The Indianapolis Colts -- one of the NFL's best teams for the past decade -- have fallen apart this season just in time to acquire their next franchise quarterback.

Peyton Manning hasn't played all season because of injury problems and his absence has shown just how vulnerable the Colts are without him. Now 0-10 Indianapolis is two games clear of the rest of the field in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes, assuming the Stanford redshirt junior comes out for the 2012 draft.

Most teams stumble through a succession of mediocre quarterbacks when they have to replace a star. Green Bay is an exception with Aaron Rodgers succeeding Brett Favre, but Miami's dry run after Dan Marino and Denver's after John Elway are more of the rule.

But not the Colts. As bad as they are this season, they won't be for long, because either Luck or Southern Cal's fast-rising Matt Barkley is destined to replace Manning at some point.

-- It has been eight years since the Panthers have played the Colts in Indianapolis. I remember covering that 2003 game vividly in large part because it was so darn loud -- I didn't know until then what a passionate fan base the Colts really had. The Panthers won in overtime, 23-20, on a long John Kasay field goal. My ears rang coming out of the stadium like they do after a really loud concert -- although it was totally silent after Kasay's kick. Somehow I don't think it will be quite that loud Sunday.

-- If there was ever an offense for the Panthers' defense to get well against, it's this one. Indianapolis has scored 10 points or fewer in its past four games. The Panthers average giving up 28.6 points per game -- second-worst in the NFL to the Colts' 30 (that number being somewhat skewed by the 62 points the Colts gave up to New Orleans).

-- Should be a nice battle Sunday between Panther left tackle Jordan Gross and Indianapolis right defensive end Dwight Freeney. Freeney, the Colts' all-time leading sacker, needs 1.5 sacks to get to 100 for his career.

-- I've gotten back on track picking the Panthers' outcomes, predicting them correctly the past two weeks. On Sunday, Carolina will notch its third win of the season. Final score: Carolina 31, Indianapolis 23.


Lance said...

Sadly, giving up 23 points to Indy seems like a loss regardless of how many we score.

They're in the Luck sweepstakes, we're in the Matt Kalil or Clairborne sweepstakes.

Anonymous said...

I would really like to get Claiborne(sp), we need a shut down Corner, more then a offensive lineman. 2012 draft needs to be for defense only..

Teddy T. Hossenfuss said...

If the Panthers don't win another game all season, can we replace Scott Fowler with actual sports writer?

Anonymous said...

Ditto here:

Teddy T. Hossenfuss said...

If the Panthers don't win another game all season, can we replace Scott Fowler with actual sports writer?

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling the Colts will win. There is no doubt Cam IS Superman. The problem is Hurney has surrounded him with Kryptonite. Resigning the core of a 2-14 team has yielded a 2-8 team. Big contracts for mediocre players who fit John Fox's conservative offense and defense. Where were the wholesale changes like when Sean Payton took over the Saints?? Look at the Bengals, our biggest threat to get the number one pick last year. They traded Palmer, lost Ocho and T.O, and their sniffing playoffs???? I like Rivera so far, but I worry for a guy who got passed over 9 times for the head job, shouldn't he be a bit more animated, demonstrative, etc? We don't need a Coughlin, but chew somebody out. Oh as for injuries, Beason and Davis were in Arizona and we still lost....

Anonymous said...

I never understood that theory of "getting well by playing a bad team." Do you really "get well"? Don't you have the same sucky defense, but you look better only because you are playing someone worse? Is that "getting well"? The root of the problem is still there - the defense sucks. It needs work. It needs more "pieces" in order to "get well", not by comparing yourself to someone worse!

Anonymous said...

I wish there was a way to investigate yhis Colts 'swoon' ---

1) Luck says in March he's going to be leaving

2) JR embarrasses Peyton at mtgs re ability to rerad financial reports

3) Peyton, Archie, call Andrew and Oliver Luck and encourage him to stay. (but of course, 'do whats best for you kid")

4) JR says in presser, he doesnt know Harbaugh, but imagines he's a nice guy, when asked about possibly hiring him as coach

5) Peyton repeatedly calls Luck

6) Luck decides to stay, even though Harbaaugh leaving


1) Peyton all of a sudden cant play due to an injury that -- GASP goes back to last year unbeknownst to many.

2) Peyton gets a 20 mil 'sweetheart' jake delhomme thankyou deal

3) Polian goes to Durham in Sept to watch Luck play Duke --B4 Peyton sits out any games and B4 Colts suck THIS BAD

4) Polian has been to 3 other Luck games this year B4 Colts have #1 pick

5) Colts on way to #1 pick and 'guess who ' ???

Yes, we got Cam who looks like will be a good player for awhile. But who knew he would ? Did ANYONE in charge really think he would back at draft?
We would have drafted Luck 100% if available.


Oh by the way.... Remember the circus's surrounding BOTH Peyton and Eli who REFUSED to go in draft if couldnt play where they wanted? Peyton snubbed the Jets and Eli the Chargers.....

interesting turn of events.....

Anonymous said...

I hope we lose out - and Colts slip up and win another one so we get the pick -- IMAGINE the trade possibilties

Anonymous said...

Top quality Luck will NOT enter the 2012 draft and will play his senior year at Stanford getting his mechan engineering BS degree at Stanford to fall back on when he has his neck broken by Ds. He does not cheat the system like other dropout losers.

Peyton Manning intelligently has his advanced sports broadcasting degree from UTenn to fall into with a major network job since his career is over after 10 cervical vertebrae surgeries.

Anonymous said...

They sure made it harder than it had to be, but glad you were right Scott!