Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cam Newton and injury scares

It is a testament to the starpower of Cam Newton that this is a fact:

On Saturday, Cam Newton was added to the Panthers' injury report -- he is now listed as probable due to some soreness in his throwing shoulder. As I write this, that story is now headlined on's homepage, on a busy college football Saturday and with all the attendant news to Penn State returning to the field without Joe Paterno.

Of course, this is thought to be news because of fantasy-football folks, I suppose. But still -- probable is probable. Newton practiced all week. He should play against Tennessee Sunday -- that's what "probable" means.

Still, it's a bit scary for any Panther fan. That's the No.1 concern, isn't it? Keep Newton healthy.

As much as he does for this team -- he has been a part of 18 of the squad's 21 touchdowns -- to lose him for any length of time would take the bloom off the rose to a large extent. I know some would say what kind of rose is a 2-6 team, anyway, but if you went to any Panther games in 2010, you know what I mean. This season has felt so much different, and a whole lot of that is due to No.1.


MichaelProcton said...

No, nothing feels different. Losing is losing, Scott. The only people who claim otherwise are Newton apologists and Fox haters.
P.S.: Notice how he has his team 1.5 games back from their division lead while we're behind by six? Sure was a great move to dump him.

SBOATER said...

I think you are in the minority with your post.
All of our games this year have been close, last year all of our games were deemed unwatchable by the press and football fans nationwide.
Denver has more talent than the Panthers, but we have Cam and better coaches.
I live near Denver, I feel sorry for the Bronco's future. Go Panthers !

Anonymous said...

Procton -

First of all you're right - losing is losing. However, there is much more excitement this year with the arrival of Ron, Chud and Cam. Under Fox ball, it was 3 yards and a cloud of dust last year. The loses this year are due to the defense which has been decimated by injuries.

Secondly, you need to redo your math. The Panthers are 3.5 games out of 1st (4w + 3L)/2.

But defending keeping Fox is absurd. He had to go. The Panthers are closer to being a sustainable winner than Denver.

Procton is a Proctologist said...

Procton is an idiot. All he does is get on every sports reporter or radio hosts blog/twitter/news report and argue his point because he hates Cam.

Michael, you were wrong about Cam, sorry you can't just say you were wrong. Instead you have to continue to bash him and the team. Do us all a favor and stop claiming to be a Panther fan.

Anonymous said...

procton is a giant tool, he never has anything but negative posts. He's like beg bugs, just as soon as you think he's gone and your safe BAM, he is right back.

Anonymous said...

Procton says

Mouthy weakling puny beanpole ex-watergirls who still hang around male shower rooms at 30 yrs of age on welfare need to be investigated for registry offender status. Just keep him away from kids.

Anonymous said...

You're a joke, Procton. The rest of us can see the bright future we never would have had if Fox remained here. Any success he's having in Denver is by accident, as he intended Tebow to fail so he could tell the fans to shut up, but that's backfiring. They'll tire of him soon there, too. Nothing personal, Fox is a great D-coordinator, but that's it....he'll finish his career doing that.