Friday, November 18, 2011

Fox, Tebow working out surprisingly well

I watched some of the Denver-N.Y. Jets game Thursday night, seeing former Panther coach John Fox relentlessly chomp his gum as the Broncos punted -- and punted -- and punted.

But then here came Tim Tebow, saving the night once again at the end, as the Broncos won 17-13 on a 95-yard drive deep in the fourth quarter.

I have to admit I didn't think Fox and Tebow would be able to work it out as well as they have. The Broncos are now 5-5, and Fox has managed to minimize Tebow's bad points (the guy can't hit an open receiver about half the time, and that's being generous) and maximize his good ones (Tebow is a fine running quarterback).

Best of all for Denver, Fox has exactly the type of defense he likes. The Broncos just blasted Mark Sanchez time and again Thursday night. Tebow was only responsible for one TD; the other was a pick-six off of Sanchez by the ball-hawking Broncos' defense. That's the biggest reason Denver is winning; that defense has greatly improved and is keeping the Broncos in the game.

It's conceivable the Broncos might even win the AFC West and get into the playoffs, because that division is all full of teams around .500. Not likely, but conceivable. And if they do, get this: Fox might get some votes as Coach of the Year.


Anonymous said...

You are an idiot.

Tebow is top quality. 4-1

Newton is low scum. 2-7

go fig

Tebow got ZERO hype.
The Newton scammer was treated like a god and now a spiled rotten brat.

Anonymous said...

Tebow made lots of mistakes, but is a winner and that counts for something. I hope they keep working with him and he keeps improving. The Denver defense is very good, and should get much of the credit for last night's win.

Anonymous said...

Just think, if we had John Fox defense and Panthers offense with Newton this team would be crazy good!

Anonymous said...

John Fox is a good coach who can win games, to bad the higher ups (Hurney/Richardson) decided to go to this "build from youth, teach the draft picks how to play, and lose year after year" approach.

This team the past 3 years was so lacking on talent no coach could of make them worth a flip!

Anonymous said...

Fox and Elway look like genius's despite themselves. Elway wanted to force Tebow to become a standard issue dropback QB, and Fox called him a "project" and started Kyle Orton until fan pressure to play Tebow became overwhelming.

Thus, it was the FANS who put Tebow in the lineup, and it was Tebow's insistence on playing his way that has turned the Broncos into winners--not Elway and Fox, who now bask in the sunlight of Tebow's success.

Anonymous said...

It's really not that surprising, remember when we would run DeAngelo out of the wildcat & steamroll over teams with the running game, stifling defense and solid special teams? I remember a game when Jake was hurt, Weinke had like 7 attempts, & we won. Tebow is like DWill was then but he can throw (sort of) & run the option also. This option thing is fun to watch for now but how long until teams figure out how to force Tebow to throw to win?

And to the Anonymous moronic troll 9:11 AM, did you start following the NFL when your secret crush Cam left Auburn? Tebow got zero hype are you kidding me??? He got more hype than any mid-round-athletic-QB-who-can't-throw prospect ever has, and parlayed it to a 1st-round pick. Maybe he was worth it but not as full-time QB, just wait...

Anonymous said...

I've gotta give Fox a lot of credit here, it's amazing how quickly he's been able to install Tebow's offense & get the players to not only learn it but to buy in to it as well. It ain't always pretty but it's working.

Remember after the Super Bowl year when they lost Smitty & started 1-7 and were losing to the lowly 49ers at halftime? They went on a 6-1 tear after that (with only an OT loss in Atlanta) & almost made the playoffs. Fox is still a good coach he just wore out his welcome here, best of luck to him & the Broncos the rest of the season.

ConvexHull said...

I miss John Fox. In spite of all his drawbacks, he was a GREAT DEFENSIVE-MINDED coach. Ron Rivera is NOWHERE close.

BigDonk said...

If the Donks make the playoffs with Tim Tebow at QB, John Fox deserves Coach of the Year hands down. Sorry Harbaugh & Lewis but that would be a much more amazing feat than what you're doing in SF and Cincy.

Anonymous said...

HMD Said:

John Fox was a good coach, but just couldn't go any farther here. It was kind of annoying that he was never able to have back to back winning years. I wish him well and appreciate what he did here, but still think our future is bright with the current coaches and nucleus of players.

Anonymous said...

Read the Denver papers.....Fox continue to bash Tebow and basically gives no credit to him. Both Elway and Fox want Tebow out, but they cannot do anything about it.......Fox was even accused of sabotaging Tebow (does not ring a bell to any Panthers fans) by calling plays he knew would not work. Wake up folks, Fox is stil the same Fox......he is even trying to kill the Tebow magic.