Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Panthers by the numbers after 11 games

Some significant and weird Carolina Panther numbers entering Sunday's 1 p.m. game at Tampa Bay:

minus-4: What you get when you subtract Tampa Bay quarterback Josh Freeman's interceptions (16) from his touchdown passes (12). If you want one reason why the Buccaneers went 10-6 in 2010 and are 4-7 this year entering their game against Carolina Sunday, Freeman last year was plus-19 in the same category (25 TD passes, six interceptions).

3-0: Carolina's record when Cam Newton doesn't commit a single turnover (the Panthers are 0-8 when he does, which really isn't all Newton's fault. A good team should be able to survive a miscue or two by its starter).

5.1: The Panthers' average on rushing yards per attempt, which places them second in the NFL behind Philadelphia (5.6).

10 -- Out of 11, number of games in which the Panthers (3-8) have held a lead this season. The only exception: their 30-3 loss to Tennessee.

14 -- Just a guess, but this is the number of rushing TDs I think Newton will end up with this season to set an NFL record. Steve Grogan holds the current mark with 12, in 1976 for New England. Newton has five games left to try and get at least three more.

30 -- Combined interceptions for the starting quarterbacks in Sunday's game. Besides Freeman's 16 (No.2 in the NFL behind only San Diego's Philip Rivers), Newton is tied for third-most in that category.

34 -- NFL receivers who have surpassed the 10,000-yard mark in their careers. Steve Smith can become No.35 Sunday if he catches at least 56 yards worth of passes.

70 -- The number of consecutive games in which both Smith and Wesley Walls caught at least one pass for the Panthers. Smith goes for No.71 Sunday.

8269 -- Carolina's total rushing yardage since the beginning of the 2008 season (when Jonathan Stewart joined DeAngelo Williams in the backfield). That ranks No.1 in the NFL in that span, with the New York Jets just 31 yards behind.


Anonymous said...

By the Numbers...

2: number of DTs this team needs.
1: number of OLB this team needs.
1: number of FS this team needs.
1: number of CBs this team needs.
2: number of WRs this team needs

jblack said...

2 wide receivers? Really? I cannot for the life of me understand why Panthers fans think we need a wide receiver. Do you people actually watch the games?! I have a headache.

Anonymous said...

Steve Smith is getting up there in years. It's not too early to start looking for his replacement.

Anonymous said...

yeh but we have La Fell And Gettis who don't forget was showing excellent signs of being incredible before the injury

Anonymous said...

Steve Smith will be 33 next year. Who's his replacement? Naannee needs to be cut. Lafell, a good #3. No guarantee on Gettis's knee, or if he can play in the league.

Anonymous said...

alshon jeffrey in the 1st round...... or a stud DT from lsu or alabama...

Anonymous said...

99%- The number of dumbasses that post here.

Greg said...

Steve will be here for at least 3 more years. Gettis will replace him as the speedster, LaFell is a great #2/possession receiver. Naanee must go. Pilares might develop into a solid #3 slot WR much like Welker (no top end speed but good hands and very agile). Edwards, if he can figure out how to just take off instead of thinking this is D-II ball and you can juke your way to a TD, could be a decent #4. I think we're set at WR.

We need a solid DT, another OLB, another CB, and we need to start thinking about the Oline. Gross and Wharton aren't getting any younger.

Anonymous said...

Steve Smith could be here for another 20 years, it won't matter because he won't be a true #1 after ths season. What other team in the league has a #1 WR that is 33 years old?

Gross and Wharton are younger than Smith and your saying replace them because of age?

Anonymous said...

saludos a todos desde buenos aires - Argentina - ... un fuerte abrazo de un fanatico de los panthers

Greetings to all from Buenos Aires ... a big hug from a panthers fan!!