Thursday, January 28, 2010

Well done, Gerald

Gerald WALLACE, WALL-ace, Wall-ace, wallace...

That's the way they call his name at Time Warner Cable Arena when Wallace makes another spectacular play, and now they'll call it in the all-star game, too, in Dallas.

The Observer's Rick Bonnell has confirmed a report that Wallace will be announced as an Eastern Conference all-star reserve tonight. As I wrote three weeks ago in this column, this needed to happen.

Wallace has been the best player this season on the Bobcats' best-ever team. The guy is an amazing athlete but, more than that, amazingly tough. I don't see how he plays sometimes with the injuries he has, but he does. Kudos to Wallace, for breaking the Bobcats' oh-for-forever streak in the all-star game.

He'll have a busy weekend in Dallas, too, assuming he stays in the dunk contest that he was invited into as well.


Anonymous said...

Well done, Scott. This is the first time you have written about the Bobcats without referencing the Hornets.

Kenneth said...

This is well deserved. This town has always criticized players of any sport that they considered selfish or that didn't play hard as they thought they ought to. This guy has never displayed any of those qualities. He plays extremely hard every game. He also gets on his teammates when he feels they aren't giving enough effort. The Bobcats and the city are both lucky to have him. Congratulations Gerald.

Altheus said...

Congrats to Gerald "Sho-Nuff" Wallace..The man is a beast but he's very humble. To those who've seen The Last Dragon...Is he the meanest? Is he the prettiest? Is he the baddest mofo low down around in Uptown? Sho-nuff! Now go pack the arena to see you're man Sho-Nuff GW3!

jiff said...

Nobody deserves this more than Gerald. The guy plays his heart out. He's tremendously fun to watch. GERALD WALLACE - ALL-STAR!


Anonymous said...

Gerald shows up every night, 100%, like no one else (ok, very FEW) of his NBA peers.

Watching this thug sport has become mundane, but the 'cats are doing it right, and Larry is having a good run here.

Congrats to GW for making the grade. Must be the mouth guard technique!

Go Gerald!

Anonymous said...

Gerald is getting crazy attention from all over the press. Glad to see that he'll be in the All Star game, too.

Check out this Crash-Pharoah shirt that they've got online :

John Ogburn said...
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