Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gerald Wallace should be an all-star

I wrote today that Gerald Wallace should be the Charlotte Bobcats' first-ever all-star, as I think Wallace is having his best season ever as the Bobcats edge toward respectability. Wallace has always been a great athlete, but he has polished his game under Larry Brown. He makes fewer eye-popping steals, but that's by design -- Brown doesn't want him to gamble as much. And he rebounds the ball like a madman -- he's fourth in the NBA so far this season.

A couple of other updates: I've written another blog today on Tom Knotts and how I'm sorry to see the (former) Independence football coach go. Also, here's Langston Wertz's news story talking to Knotts about his move to Dutch Fork, a high school in a Columbia, S.C., suburb.

Julius Peppers' agent says Peppers is awaiting an offer from the Carolina Panthers. Here's Charles Chandler's take.

And my prediction of Charlotte upsetting Tennessee in Knoxville didn't come close to working out -- the Volunteers spanked the 49ers, even with four of their top eight players suspended for the game. Oh, well -- longtime followers of this blog know that if you stake money on one of my predictions, that's money you better not mind losing.


Kenneth said...


You are absoloutely right. Wallace should be an all-star. I also agree that Larry Brown has polished his game up. No other player in the NBA works as hard, or cares as much as Gerald Wallace. I like what I have seen from the rest of the team as well. Steven Jackson and Flip Murray have been great additions. If they can ever get it together on the road they'll make the playoffs.

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