Sunday, January 3, 2010

Panthers lead 20-3 in third quarter

Carolina just keeps piling it on the New Orleans Saints. Another John Kasay field goal, this one from just under 40 yards, has given the Panthers a 20-3 lead with 8:06 left in the third quarter.

That field goal was set up by excellent special-teams play. First, Quinton Teal downed a Jason Baker punt inside the New Orleans five. Then, after the Panther defense held the Saints to a three-and-out again (and Mark Brunell is really looking horrible), Captain Munnerlyn returned a punt 31 yards.

Carolina couldn't move it from there on three running plays, but Kasay's field goal meant Carolina now has a three-possession lead over the Saints (not that they'll need it the way Brunell is throwing the ball).

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Quintin said...

Haha Scott, you know what's funny about your bashing Brunell? Jake Delhomme, in most games this season, has played WORSE than Brunell is playing right now! And NONE of you writers had the balls to say something like the parentheticals you just said. Oh, maybe you're just not allowed to bash Panthers.