Sunday, January 3, 2010

Panthers' lead sliced to 7-3 in 2nd quarter

New Orleans just got on the board with a 35-yard field goal from Garrett Hartley -- Carolina now leads 7-3 with 11:13 left in the second quarter.

Carolina has done nothing offensively since its first drive, when Jonathan Stewart stormed to a 67-yard rushing TD on the Panthers' second play from scrimmage. Matt Moore is having trouble connecting on his passes without Steve Smith (broken forearm) in the lineup.

But the Panthers' defense is playing relatively well also, given that New Orleans keeps taking over around midfield. On the Saints' scoring drive, cornerback Richard Marshall made an excellent play on third-and-2 to stop the Saints, beating a block to make a great tackle.

The field seems to be slippery -- there have been several stumbles on both sides.

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Anonymous said...

The last two minutes of the second half should put the icing on the Matt Moore cake. Fox's own words should be enough to haunt him out of town... "Jake Delhomme gives us the best chance to win". That Fox didn't know what he had sitting on the bench is a reflection of his ability to assess his players. Matt has something Delhomme has NEVER had - precision!