Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My guesses on future for Fox, Pep, Jake

I wrote my column today on the Panthers' three biggest offseason issues in my mind -- the future for coach John Fox, DE Julius Peppers and QB Jake Delhomme.

The short version: I think Delhomme is back but will start training camp out as the No.2 QB. I think Fox is back, even though privately he has to be unhappy that he only has a year left on his contract, because no other NFL team has an opening he would like.

(Buffalo? C'mon -- this is a much better team than Buffalo, despite the whipping the Bills gave Carolina. Plus, where would you better live? And even if Oakland fires Cable, Fox and Al Davis have a very checkered history and no way he would end up back there.)

As for Peppers, that one is hard to peg. I put it at a 40 percent chance that Peppers is back. The Panthers will have to make the "franchise player" decision sometime between Feb.11 and 25, assuming they don't sign him to a longterm deal before then.


Curtis said...

My predictions on these:

- Agree, Fox is definitely back.

- Don't agree about Delhomme coming in as #2...not because I think he should be #1. But, I think Fox will play the "we'll make evaluations at this position like we do in every position". I think he makes them compete for the #1 spot. And, my biggest fear, is that Jake performs just well enough in camp to make Fox feel like he's "back to form", and since he's got the most history and experience with Fox, he comes out as starter and puts us in a hole. Granted, I wouldn't see Fox being as stubborn this year in sticking with Jake like he did this year - but, I hope it doesn't come to that.

- As for Pep...I think because of the uncapped year, they franchise him. Why work out a long term deal when you have no idea how long the CBA stays unresolved? Or what comes out of a new CBA? Pay the guy big bucks, keep him around for another year with no cap implications, and after if a new CBA is reached then you work on the long term deal.

Elizabeth said...

Fox is back, and he should realize how lucky he is in this economy to keep a job when he only did an average job this year.

Peppers is back with the franchise tag.

Delhomme is back as a backup.

Definitely how I see it.

Anonymous said...

I think Fox is back for next year. If the Giants don't do well next year, I would bet he goes back there in 2011. Delhomme should come in as the #2, but with Fox I think he is still the starter unless he goes down again. I feel bad for Moore, he should get at least a fair shot at the job. I think they should franchise Peppers and hope they get some draft picks for him. What ever happens, Peppers makes out like a bandit.

Anonymous said...

Foxys back and offered a 4 yr extension at end of season

Jakes back but Moore opens season as starter

Peppers signs a long-term deal w/ Carolina

Anonymous said...

I agree that Fox comes back. I also bet the Panthers start strong, and they put a longer term offer on the table by mid-season.

Peppers gets franchised again. Since next year is uncapped , it won't hurt in the same way it did this year in limiting other signings. $20MM is expensive, but the Panthers still make a big profit.

As for Jake, I think the Panthers insist on redoing his contract. I've seen somewhere that we pay him whether he is on the roster or not. If so, that would be very unusual. Most contracts are not guaranteed, except for bonus money. Again, since it is an uncapped year--rework the money or cut him, eat the bonus because it won't affect the ability to sign others, including a QB. I have been a Jake fan, but you just don't pay this kind of money for a backup.