Wednesday, January 20, 2010

5 hoops numbers I can't believe

I find all of this hard to believe about Wednesday night’s basketball action, yet all of it is true. The numbers, please:

2: Years since the Charlotte 49ers had gotten a road win in the A-10. They were 0-8 on the road last season in the conference. I didn’t realize that until Charlotte won at Richmond Wednesday – a nice victory for Bobby Lutz’s club.

4-for-27: Look, I know Davidson is offensively challenged, but my gosh. That’s what the Wildcats shot in the first half – 4 field goals in 27 attempts – against Western Carolina Wednesday. No wonder Davidson lost by 10 – it’s a wonder, in fact, it was that close.

7: Years since a North Carolina team has lost three games in a row. It happened Wednesday night against Wake Forest, as the Tar Heels got whipped again – this time, by 13 points.

14: N.C. State’s winning margin against Duke Wednesday night. Tracy Smith outplayed everyone in a Duke uniform, and the Wolfpack got one of its biggest wins ever under Sidney Lowe.

39: Points the Charlotte Bobcats beat the Miami Heat by Wednesday night to complete a 6-0 homestand. I mean, seriously -- 39 points?! Against a team with Dwyane Wade on it?! Amazing. If the playoffs began today, the Bobcats (21-19) would be seeded fifth in the Eastern Conference. If you haven’t seen this team play yet this season, you owe it to yourself to do so (and you can get tickets cheap).


Jaymac said...

Hey Scott, here's a couple of numbers I can't believe:

6-0: Bobcats home stand

9-1: 'Cats last 10

14,212: Number of people who showed up to see the hottest team in the NBA (running their NBA version of the movie "Major League") and absolutely embarrassing a conference rival with a legit superstar.

...that might be as embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

Its the UNCC 49ers. Lets get it right.

Unless they use the correct name they wont sell football seats either.

CLT49ER said...

Its the Charlotte 49ers numbnuts. We haven't been referred to as UNCC in years for sports. Stick to watching your boys in baby blue crumble this season.


Anonymous said...

Can someone confirm/deny that Coach Williams is having a nervous breakdown? This is UNACCEPTABLE!

Anonymous said...

"Stick to watching your boys in baby blue crumble this season."


The boys in baby blue have won two Nat'l titles since you gold diggers have even made it to the dance. Have your fun now, the Heels are just reloading.

CLT49ER said...

Funny how you can tell a Wal*Mart Carolina fan from just a post even though you made no mention of it...

Stick with your boys in baby blue and before talking about the local team get your facts straight. "Lets get it right" get it right.

Go Niners!!

Anonymous said...

In 1965 Charlotte Jr College holding classes at CPCC became 4 year UNCC at the present location. Now they try to go back in time with the copycat cookie cutter name for the sports teams only? What a joke. No wonder the school is considered 2nd rate.

AD Judy Rose and her flaming gay name to confuse the world. Gays obv love the name since its so fem. Why not change the nickname to Queens and ditch 49ers too?

Dumb. Gay.

CLT49ER said...

wow...that's some brilliant analysis. You have shown your true colors and completely solidified my opinion of the Wal*Mart Carolina fan base that has never set foot on the campus.

Must kill you that 2nd rate Charlotte has a higher RPI than UNC-CH right now. Embarassing how far the mighty have fallen comsidering they were Nat'l Champs last year.

Anonymous said...

Whatever Clay,
Go back to recording your songs and get on back to Hollywood. UNCC sports are a bit too rugged for gals like you and stay out of Walmart.