Friday, December 4, 2009

My Panthers-Bucs prediction

This wasn’t the way I wanted it to happen, but I will be glad to see Matt Moore as the Carolina Panthers’ starting quarterback Sunday.

I’ve been campaigning for Moore to get a chance since Sept.29, when Carolina dropped to 0-3 with a loss to Dallas. For whatever reason, this just isn’t Jake Delhomme’s season.

But John Fox has stuck with Delhomme until a broken finger has forced him to make this change, in large part because he doesn’t trust Moore to make the right decisions. That’s somewhat understandable. But Moore has an arm on him – watch him throw the deep ball today if you’ve forgotten that. He’ll make a lot of mistakes, yes. But so did Delhomme.

-- Moore couldn’t get a better opponent for his first start since 2007 – a 1-10 Bucs team that doesn’t play the run well (30th in the NFL) and that Carolina has already beaten once this season. The Panthers won that first game because they ran the ball for 267 yards. Remember, it was after that one that Steve Smith said: “I am no longer an asset to this team.”

-- Tampa Bay will try to rattle Moore with blitzes and dare him to beat them with any receiver except Smith (whom the Bucs double-covered almost exclusively in the first matchup). He needs to get someone besides Smith very involved early to get some confidence. More than anything, though, he needs to complete a lot of successful handoffs for six-yard gains.

-- I have been trying to swear off picking the Panthers to win another game for the rest of the season, because every time I seem to pick them to win, they lose.

However, I can’t quite break the habit yet. I guarantee that I’m going to pick them to lose each of their final four games, but on Sunday: Carolina 24, Tampa Bay 16.

The stats: I dropped to 6-5 in 2009 picking Panther games last week when Carolina laid an egg against the New York Jets (I had thought the Panthers would win). My prediction record is not much better than the Panthers' 4-7 real record, which is cause for me to again proclaim: Don't ever bet on anything I predict in the sports world.


Anonymous said...

You will be 6 and 6 after Sunday. This team has lost all desire. They are the beyyer team but will not win Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Might be better if Williams plays. he's got a bad wheel and may sit; not the way to start of Moore's tenure at QB.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how you can be 6-6 after Sunday when you are 4-7 going into it? Jake has been replaced and that alone brings on many consequences: 1) no running game because the runners have been benched. 2)No passing game because Smith and Moose will not try to be open nor will they make catches. 3) no protection because the OL will not be in position to block for you. Plus, the defense is going to allow more points than you can possibly put up. Sorry Matt but your worst enemy is the coaching staff of the Panthers.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
Not sure how you can be 6-6 after Sunday when you are 4-7 going into it?"

you idiot ... the first poster was talkint about Scott Fowler's record of picking Panther games this season... he is 6-5 about to be 6-6 since he is picking panthers to win... not that i agree but seriously...

i think Moore wins this one but has a hard road ahead with @Patriots, Vikings, @Giants (not so tough anymore) and Saints

Anonymous said...

Offensive coordinator needs to go!

MrBernz said...

Anonymous @ 6:07 pm, how retarded are you on a scale of 1 to stupid? How does Delhomme being benched equate to anything you said? Imbecile. I think Williams will play, he has been hurt a few times & played anyway, thats the kind of heart he has. I think Moore completes his passes and they do well this week.

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