Sunday, December 27, 2009

17-0 as Panthers can do no wrong

Carolina just scored -- again -- and it's now 17-0, Panthers, with 5:40 still left in the second quarter.

This time the Panthers scored on a 22-yard touchdown pass from Matt Moore to Muhsin Muhammad. Muhammad beat his guy deep on the play, and Moore laid the ball in there perfectly for the TD. It was Moose's first TD of the year.

Now the boo birds are REALLY out at Giants Stadium. Carolina has scored on all 3 possessions. The Giants have had the ball 3 times, too, and come away with zilch.

This, of course, was the Panthers team we expected to show up about 3 months ago -- the one that whipped Minnesota a week ago and currently is pummeling the Giants, who are another possible playoff team.


Curtis said...

And Marshall just picks one off...

So far, so good.

Anonymous said...

Is it really a coincidence that since Delhomme got hurt that we've played miles better? I think it isn't.

17-0 and driving again. This is really fun to see. Shame it means nothing now.

Anonymous said... lovely!! but it is sad there are no playoff for us...