Sunday, December 27, 2009

34-9 Panthers as Giants finally score

The Giants finally got a touchdown with 11:59 left in the fourth quarter -- Eli Manning hit Steve Smith for a 2-yard TD.

That means both Steve Smiths have now scored in this game (the Panthers' version is in the locker room with a left arm injury -- it could be serious. It looked like he was holding his left wrist when he left the field after scoring on a 27-yard TD. He has now been declared out for the rest of the game, and I'd be surprised if he plays in the season finale against New Orleans, either. That's just a guess)).

The Giants botched the extra point, never getting the kick off after a problem on the snap or hold.

The Panthers' Matt Moore has been excellent all afternoon, throwing three TD passes for the second game in a row. Carolina has already tied its season high in points (it also scored 34 against Arizona).

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