Sunday, December 27, 2009

34-3 Carolina to begin 4th

The Panthers just keep pouring it on. If you're counting, after a 28-yard John Kasay field goal, they now have had seven possessions and it's gone like this: 4 TDs, 2 FGs and one punt.

This last, 63-yard, 11-play drive was accomplished without Steve Smith. The workhorse was Jonathan Stewart, who is well over 100 yards already and likely on his way to another career high. Carolina frequently played with only one wide receiver during the drive, usually using an extra tight end in place of Smith.

So it's now 34-3, Carolina, at the end of the third quarter. About all the Giants can hope for is to salvage some measure of respect by at least scoring a touchdown or two before this one ends.

No doubt that Carolina will improve to 7-8 after this game and the Giants -- who so badly needed this one in the playoff race -- will fall to 8-7.

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