Sunday, December 6, 2009

Beason's 2nd pick keeps Panthers ahead

Jon Beason just offered up some deja vu, intercepting Tampa Bay rookie QB Josh Freeman once again inside the Panther 5 to preserve a Carolina lead.

Down 13-6, Tampa Bay got a chance when Chris Gamble muffed a punt return and the Bucs took over at the Carolina 20.

But on first down, Freeman threw across the middle and No.52 grabbed it out of the air again. That's two interceptions in the same quarter for Beason, the Panthers' middle linebacker, who had only one all season coming into the game.


Anonymous said...

While the heel did Fox not challenge the spot on the Bucs 1st down?

John said...

I'm looking at three calls now that seem to indicate that these officials are being paid by somebody OTHER than the NFL.

The overturned incomplete pass call where the TB player clearly was NOT in control before going out of bounds.

The "muffed" punt where the TB player clearly passed inches in front of Gamble giving him no opportunity to make the reception.

Finally, the "first down" call when the TB running back was clearly stopped short near the end of the third quarter... heck, almost all of the tackling players had their feet short of the first down line. NO WAY did he make the line to gain.

The NFL needs to investigate this officiating crew!

Anonymous said...

could we be getting any more fukced by these officials?

John said...

I guess we didn't pay them (the officials) enough!

John said...

One thing I like is that every time the zebras screw us, the defense has been coming up big (usually taking the ball away).

At some point, TB may start wishing the officials weren't trying so hard to help them out!

Anonymous said...

These officials suck, Fox sucks. He should have challenged the spot, and the 2 pass plays that were reveiwed were both missed. Did these guys come from the SEC??
Way to go Moore on the long pass to Smith, perfect pass. Delhomme hasn't done that in a while! He better stay on the bench!!

john said...

OK, Moore fans... just remember, it's only ONE game and only 20 attempted passes and no TDs.

Tampa is also a bad team. Next week they are in New England and let's see how he does there.

I'd finish the season with Moore, not because I'm sure he's better than Jake, but because we need to find out... and find out we will!