Monday, September 28, 2009

Uh-oh: Bad Jake alert

Bad Jake just made his first appearance of the game: Jake Delhomme underthrew Muhsin Muhammad on a deep route in the second quarter and got intercepted by Dallas cornerback Mike Jenkins.

The damage wasn't too severe -- the pickoff worked more or less like a 40-yard punt and Dallas was left at its own 16. The Panthers were a long way from scoring anyway. But the pass had way too much loft on it -- it practically came closer to hitting the video replay board than Jason Baker's first punt of the game.

It's still 0-0 in what has surprisingly been a defensive struggle so far, with both teams starting with terrible field position for most of the game.

On interceptions, though, it's Delhomme 1, Tony Romo 0.


Anonymous said...

Shut up Scott! Moose could've acted like he knew what play he was involved in.

Anonymous said...

Right--because no other good quarterback throws interceptions.

The Jake slammin' is getting tired. That horse is dead. At some point we need to rally behind what we've got. The negativity that you help stir within the area helps no one--except maybe hits to or your blog. I'm ashamed to have contributed this one.

Are you in Dallas? Hope you've made good use of your time and dropped off your resume at the local rags.

Anonymous said...

That ball was not horribly under thrown. Moose could have acted like a receiver on that ball. Plus, the dallas d is killin the panthers on the ground, especially between the tackles.

Anonymous said...

Call me nuts, but I think that ball was underthrown on purpose. Jake and Moose have been running that play for years: Jake throws it short, Moose stops on a dime and catches it. It really looked to me that Mushin botched his route there.

Jordan said...

seriously, that ball gives moose an advantage if he makes a play on it. He can get behind the DB as he runs downfield.

Anonymous said...

Come on Scott, let us read the garbage out of your brain now! Being positive might help you in your life.

Anonymous said...

Hey Scott - Is the alert still in affect? Looks like good Jake is here. You know, as an objecive journalist, we should really see a good Jake alert from you.

Oh wait a work for the Charlotte Observer.