Thursday, September 3, 2009

Danny Morrison making the rounds at Panther stadium with Steelers in the house

New Panthers president Danny Morrison is shaking hands and getting to know everyone -- two of the things he does best -- as he makes the pregame rounds at Bank of America Stadium.

Morrison could just about shake everyone's hand in here right now -- 20 minutes before kickoff, there may be 7,000 people seated in the 70,000-seat stadium (and about half of them are wearing Steeler jerseys).

But the Panther fans will eventually file in, and they better do it pretty quick -- the first quarter is the only one that really matters much tonight other than the marginal players trying to grab one of the final roster spots available.

Morrison did a couple of pregame TV interviews and has also been walking around the press box. He said he'll probably start his new job in late September in Charlotte, once he ties up all the loose ends as TCU's athletic director.

What will he see tonight? A Panther team that is 0-3 in the preseason and still needs some serious work but doesn't have a lot of time to do it. The Panther starters are expected to play no more than 1-3 series tonight.

Carolina did get some decent pregame news, I suppose. Michael Vick definitely won't play in Carolina's season opener vs. Philadelphia Sept.13. Vick's suspension has been shortened, but he won't be eligible to return until Week 3.

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