Thursday, September 3, 2009

100 seconds gone and Panthers already down 7-0?!

How many times can a team utter the phrase "Thank goodness it's only preseason?"

The Panthers may be approaching their limit. After their 0-3 preseason start, they have already managed to go down 7-0 in Fake Game No.4 following an 80-yard Pittsburgh punt return for a TD.

How'd Carolina get behind so fast? Carolina got the ball and started with a nine-yard run by DeAngelo Williams.

On second-and-1, a nice offensive call: a play-action pass to a wide open Muhsin Muhammad. Unfortunately, Moose dropped a nicely thrown ball 15 yards downfield.

Then, on 3rd-and-1, the Steelers defense did what it does -- stacked DeAngelo up for a 2-yard loss.

Then came the clincher: a 52-yard Jason Baker punt followed by an 80-yard punt return for a TD by Pittsburgh's Stefan Logan.


Clay said...

To everyone that said the Panthers would win 12 games this year. AINT GOING TO HAPPEN.

Anonymous said...

Clay,as gay as you are and as much as I hate your negativity,your right.This is shaping-up (even though it's pre-season)to be a long season.

Im just trying to prepare myself for all the Jake and John Fox bashing/Haters,I have a feeling it's all Im going to see here or read from the O-SO-KNOWLEDGEABLE want to be Panthers owners for this season.

Anonymous said...

The Panthers SUCK. Plain and simple. If they win 6 games they will be LUCKY. And to anonymous 8:37 PM, what a homer you are, enjoy the season loser

Anonymous said...

Delhomme is terrible and Fox is gutless for not dealing with Delhomme's inabilities.

Ashley M. said...

MAN the panthers suck BALLS!