Saturday, January 10, 2009

Scalpers having a problem unloading

File this in the strange-but-true category:

I just walked around and into Bank of America Stadium, and there are far more tickets for sale outside than people buying them.

Yes, it's actually a buyer's market out there, not the seller's market you would expect a sold-out playoff game would generate. Maybe it's the on-and-off rain. Maybe it's the fact that not a lot of people in Charlotte are going to come uptown on a Saturday night without tickets.

Whatever the reason, though, the cry of "Who needs tickets?" is a lot more prevalent out there 90 minutes before kickoff than "Who has tickets to sell?" (If you're a risk-taker and read this before kickoff, you might want to give it a try if you're really hot to get into this game).

I saw one fan hesitantly say, "I need some," and he was literally rushed by two eager sellers. The second scalper to get there waved his hand disgustedly and walked away, muttering to himself: "There's a million tickets out here."

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Tyler said...

Wished I lived closer to Charlotte.