Friday, January 30, 2009

3 things I hate about the Super Bowl

Like most red-blooded Americans, I love the Super Bowl itself. But here are 3 things about football’s biggest game that I can’t stand:

1. All the pregame blather. The various Super Bowl pregame shows -- with all their fake laughter and ‘deep” analysis -- are where your fun Sunday afternoon goes to die. The real kickoff time for Pittsburgh-Arizona is Sunday at 6:28 p.m. Be smart. Turn on the TV at 6:27.

2. The Roman Numerals. They are so self-important. Does this really need to be Super Bowl XLIII? Can’t it just be Super Bowl 43?

3. The know-it-all. There’s one at every Super Bowl party. He’s the close-talker, the one expounding on Cover-2 defenses and mike linebackers while spilling beer all over your shoes. Keep the buffet table between yourself and this guy at all times.


David said...

I agree... either start the game at 4PM eastern or get rid of all that pregame stuff... we only need a half hour or less, much like normal sunday pregames but since its 2 teams instead of 32 it shouldnt take more than 10 or 20 minutes to anlayze...

I wish we could have superbowl Monday off as well.. whether you are partying after a win or drowning your sorrows from a loss... we need that day off more than New years day

Brandon said...

If I can add 3 things:

1) Halftime Shows. Lets face it--they just are way too overblown. Everything from the mixed genres of entertainers who would never perform with each other, to the fast-paced camera-angled shots that are way too overdone. I think I speak for a majority of people when I say most people have the halftime show in the foreground and talk with other people, get more to eat or drink, surf the net or just change the channel.

2) Cameras showing family members at the end of the game. Never fails: in the last 4 minutes, we get to see after every play some QB's mom, or dad, or wife, reacting to every down. Seriously, does anybody care that much how Ben or Kurt's mom is reacting to being up by 13 with 3 minutes left, then 2 minutes, then 1:40, etc?

3) Cameras showing the commentators talking instead of the game. It happens. The ball is on the 45 yard line after a tackle. The next shot shows the two commentators carrying on with their conversation, and they are either standing or sitting, coats on or off, talking about the game or even something completely off the wall. As if you care to actually watch them talk. Then just before the next snap, they switch back to the game. Tackle made. Back to the commentators. Very annoying.

Anyone agree or disagree?

Matt Privett said...


I actually like the Roman numerals. It sets the Super Bowl apart from everything else, not that it really needs it. But still, I like it.

I can't stand the pregame, but I will turn it on about 6 or a couple minutes prior to see the little network montage, the national anthem, and what not. But I definitely don't need 4 hours of the studio show, especially NBC's 11-headed monstrosity (and Keith Olbermann is enough to drive me away).

I'd also get rid of the gaudy halftime show and the lip-synced pregame concert as well.

panthersnbraves said...

1) I hang out with friends, and don't start actually paying attention to the TV until just before kickoff, but the best suggestion I have heard yet was to move it to Saturday night.

Oh, and you can keep the half-time show - we post someone to watch for commercials, and use the time to chat and reload the snacks. The entertainment is usually irrelevant anyway - anywhere from 5 to 20 years out of date.

2) meh.

3) It's a one-game crap-shoot, where the tip of a finger, or a slip of the foot can change the whole game, so 90% of the technical analysis means nothing anyway. Be patient with us, we've been without an actual football game for TWO WHOLE WEEKS and for the fans of the 30 other teams it's been up to a month. After Sunday midnight, all we have left to look forward to is the joke that is the Probowl, Mel Kiper and the coaching carousel.

panfan1 said...

Start the game earlier in the day or move it to Saturday night!!Just call it Superbowl Saturday. I like the Roman numerals as well!!

Jay said...

I just want to agree strongly with Brandon, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever at any point during the game to show the commentators. I am quite certain that no one has any interest in seeing these people. We can barely stand listening to them, do we have to see them as well.

I like the roman numerals as well, but I can't explain why.

J Thomas said...

Three things I hate about this Super Bowl are:

1. No
2. Carolina
3. Panthers