Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thoughts on A-Rod's apology

3 quick thoughts on Alex Rodriguez's media-circus apology today for admittedly using performance-enhancing drugs from 2001-2003:

1. Did anyone else find it ironic that A-Rod said during this press conference about who injected what to whom that "I'm here to take my medicine"?

2. How would you like to be A-Rod's unnamed cousin -- the one who injected him illegal PEDs? How would you like to be one of A-Rod's unnamed cousins -- I assume he has more than one -- who had nothing to do with this whole mess?

3. I give A-Rod some credit for holding this news conference at all and at least being less ambiguous than many of his Steroid Era predecessors were when caught in The Big Lie. (Mark McGwire certainly could have taken a lesson here).
But given A-Rod's previous lies on this subject -- i.e. to Katie Couric on "60 Minutes," when he said he had never even been "tempted" to use PEDs -- why should we believe he's telling the total truth this time?


beefdsp said...

Because nobody would come out, especially at that time, and answer yes to a single one of those questions. If everyone in the world was truthful, wouldn't we have 103 other players coming out and admitting to something they have yet to be caught doing?

tarhoosier said...

He admits only to what he knows they have on him, and no more. A lie. He says "We obviously did not know what we were doing", a lie. He knew it was wrong. He says he does not remember the drug(s) he used. Any one older than eight who believes that raise your hand.
Miguel Tejada was much worse. His "admission" was puerile and dissembling. Worthless and a waste of words in either language.

hipQuest said...

I wonder if his mysterious "cousin" was named Madonna?

Thomas said...

Someone needs to tell A-Rid that the Michael Phelps approach of "I did it but please forgive me" only works if it is immediate and the first version you tell. Maybe version four will be to blame it on Madonna.