Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Memo to Favre: Stay retired this time

New York Jets QB Brett Favre has said -- again -- he plans to retire.

This time, he needs to stick to it.

I've always been a Favre fan, but my memory of him will be sullied by this past season. Favre's un-retirement had a bit too much of a "drama queen" feel to it. Then, with the New York Jets, Favre made the team better but ultimately threw an NFL-high 22 interceptions and couldn't get the Jets to the playoffs. I never could get used to him in that Jet green uniform either -- Favre belonged in Packers gold forever.

So now he's leaving the game again, this time without the tearful public ceremony. He leaves a Jets team that is terribly strapped for salary-cap room and has all sorts of questions about who will replace him at QB.

That's sports -- it's very difficult for even the most elite athletes to know when to let go. Favre stayed a year too long -- he needs to make sure not to make it two.

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Michael said...

Favre shows just how pitful he is, too, given the sleazy way he asked for his release. "Hey Jets, even though it would cost you significant money against your cap and I promise I'm "retiring," would you release me so I can sign with another team while I'm "retired?"
Brett "Diva-licious" Favre.