Thursday, February 19, 2009

Now that's just Gross

Sounds like Jordan Gross can be his own one-man stimulus package -- spreading his wealth all over Charlotte -- if he cares to now that he has signed this monster deal with the Panthers.

Are the Panthers overpaying for Gross? Absolutely. But in the fantasy world of the NFL -- where teams lay off regular employees making $40K a year but still spend every million they possibly can on the on-field product -- somebody was going to overpay the guy.

It might as well be Carolina.

So the Panthers' love-hate triangle -- with Carolina, Gross and Julius Peppers at the points -- has worked out about the way most folks assumed it would. Carolina keeps Gross and has plopped a franchise tag on Peppers. Now the Panthers will strive to ultimately trade Julius in the next two months in Part 2 of this scenario. (Maybe to one of his 4 preferred teams, but I have an idea that list is more etched in oatmeal then set in stone).

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Mike said...

Scott, I agree with you, I think it will play out as everyone thinks and they sign Gross and franchise Peppers... but you know what I started thinking today? It would not surprise me at all if the Panthers just let Peppers walk out of fear they will have to actually pay him the 17 million this year cause they could not work out a trade deal for him... Oh my!

Nevelle said...

Mike, you're on point. I'm curious now how the Peppers scenario will play out. if you tag him and can't trade him, what's the locker room going to be like in 09? What's the luxury tax going to be like for Richardson? As Scott noted, however, I don't believe that there are only 4 teams that Peppers would play for. If he really wants out then he'll have to be willing to negotiate to some extent.

All in all, I think that either way, the Panthers are heading in the right direction with the Gross signing. The OL is the most important part of the team, and losing an All-Pro just wouldn't make sense.

u_da_man said...

Overpaid athletes,,of course,,but then again, it aint my money,,im more concerned with can they put the winning pieces on the field,,and we want pieces who want to be here, and not "take plays off".

jpt said...

Just get R done already!

BobbyD said...

Wake up America!! Why are we paying these bozos millions of our dollars every year?? They only use it for crap.
The real heroes are our teachers, police officers, fire fighters, EMS, etc. They perform life-saving procedures every day. For a mere pittance.

windstar said...

don't let the door hit pep in the butt as he leaves. there are better players and lots would give anything to take his place.

ironman233 said...

Its been confirmed by ESPN that he will only agree to be traded to Detroit, St. Louis, Cleveland, Kansas City, and maybe Cinci. He found out that if he plays for one of these teams he can take the whole season off!! Makes sense! Your two steps ahead of us Pep!!