Thursday, February 12, 2009

More than you could possibly want...

I usually try to keep this blog no more than a few paragraphs, knowing you don't have all day to read it (and I don't have all day to write it).

However, today I did a live chat with Observer readers, and it's amazing how much typing can go on in an hour. So here's a link to more than you could possibly want of my opinions on Julius Peppers, Jordan Gross, Kyle Singler's elbow and so on.

Have fun skimming it. If you read the whole thing, well, thanks, but that's really not necessary.


mrognstad said...

You said that you covered the Clemson victory over Wake this year. Wake won that game.

Scott Fowler said...

Very true. I can't trust my own memory sometimes -- I was there and still don't remember that Wake won that one! I was confusing it in my mind with Clemson's 27-point whipping of Duke down in Clemson. In any case, the Tigers are good this year, and I think they'll be a top 4 NCAA tournament seed.