Monday, February 2, 2009

Rating the Super Bowl commercials: Top 5

Other than the Pittsburgh Steelers, I thought Pepsi was the biggest winner Sunday night at the Super Bowl. Pepsi ads took two of the three spots in my “Best Super Bowl Commercials” list, as well as an honorable mention. Here are the five Super Bowl commercials I enjoyed the most Sunday night.

1. Pepsi Max: “I’m Good.” More laughs per second than any other ad, as men kept accidentally hurting other men (my favorite was the bowling-ball bit). Then the hurt men, in obvious pain, would proclaim: “I’m Good.” Not sure what it has to do with the taste of a soft drink, but it sure is funny.

2. Conan’s Swedish Ad: Conan O’Brien, playing himself, gets suckered into a Bud Light beer commercial that he is told will air only in Sweden. Instead, of course, it goes everywhere. Conan is always good at making fun of himself.

3. Pepsuber: I’m already partial to the “Saturday Night Live” sketch this ad is drawn from, where a character named “MacGruber” routinely gets himself blown up in ridiculous ways. This time, MacGruber changes his name to “Pepsuber” to promote his new endorsement and, once again, incorrectly defuses a bomb with awful results.

4. Denny’s “Thugs” ad:
As a bunch of Mafia types discuss what sounds like a hit over breakfast, a busybody waitress keeps decorating their pancakes with whipped cream. This spot also had the best information encased in an ad: Anyone who shows up at a Denny’s between 6 a.m. and 2 p.m. Tuesday gets a free Grand Slam breakfast.

5. Doritos – Power of the Crunch: A guy realizes he can crunch a Dorito and make an ATM spit out money or a girl lose almost all of her clothes. His luck runs out when he runs out of Doritos and gets hit by a bus.

Honorable mention: E-trade’s talking babies (“Take these broken wings …”); Castrol’s “grease” monkeys; Pepsi’s “Refresh Anthem” starring Bob Dylan.


Anonymous said...

Well, Scott, you and I disagree on almost everything. I only really liked 3 of the commercials:

1) Bud Clydesdale busts his girlfriend out of the circus
2) Bud Clydesdale upstages the fetching Dalmation
3) The Pespsi "I'm good" ad

Question: If the PETA ad was considered tasteless enough to not be accepted, why did NBC accept Danica's ad? It was every bit as tasteless and demeaning.

Overall: Worst collection of Super Bowl ads since at least '99 or 2000 when every single ad was for a dot-com company.

Anonymous said...

Well, thankfully Scott - you're a sportswriter (only). ;) As a copywriter, my top spots are on my blog: which you can watch in their entirety. Great game, and yes, some tired concepts in the ads.

CastrolUSA said...

I may be biased, but I thought the grease monkeys were pretty awesome. If you want to see the video again, check it out on YouTube:
To learn more about Castrol EDGE, here's the site: