Sunday, August 17, 2008

No soup for you (Rules of the stadium)

I don't know why the old "No soup for you" Seinfeld line popped to my head when I saw this sign, but it does.

This picture is just No.8 in a long, long list of rules at the Bird's Nest, posted before you go into the 91,000-seat stadium.

If you can't read the list in this picture, I understand. Here's what No.8 says: "The following behaviours and actions are strictly forbidden: assaulting athletes, judges/referees or other staff; gambling of any kind; taking part in or organizing a march, sit-in or demonstration; causing a disturbance after drinking alcohol; streaking; behaving in any other matter that disrupts events or is prohibited under Chinese law."

Now, if I'm reading this right, you can cause a disturbance BEFORE drinking alcohol, just not after. I don't know that argument would hold up, though, in front of a Chinese judge.

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