Saturday, August 9, 2008

Food in China

I'm somewhat embarrassed to report that I ate in a Subway here (here's the picture of the sign). There are KFCs and, especially, McDonald's all over the place in Beijing, but I had steered clear of it the first few days. After four days of mostly Chinese food, however, I was ready for a break.

So Subway it was. The setup was pretty much the same as in America, as well as the cost. It served its purpose, I suppose. But I was back to Chinese food the next day. Lots of folks warned me that it wouldn't taste or look the same here as it does in America, but honestly I haven't noticed a great deal of difference except for one thing -- there are far more grilled or steamed items for sale and far fewer breaded or fried ones.

Perhaps this is why one stereotype about the Chinese appears true: you hardly ever, ever see a fat one. I must have glanced at several thousand Chinese people by now, and I've only seen two fat ones. And one of those was a baby, so he doesn't even count.

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