Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Berens in Jones' footsteps?

Charlotte native Ricky Berens may be about to pull a Cullen Jones in these Olympics.

As you may recall, Jones swam in the preliminary in the 4x100 relay, earned a spot in the final by swimming the fastest leg and then got both a gold medal and a world record because he was part of a powerhouse U.S. team that included Michael Phelps.

Berens just swam the fastest leg in the 4x200 preliminary Tuesday. He will probably earn a spot in the final by doing that -- although it's not certain, I'm hearing from some folks very close to the U.S. swim team that's what will happen. If it does, then the 4x200 relay team will almost certainly both win a gold medal and set a world record.

Not a bad place to be if you're 20 years old and just about to begin your junior year at the University of Texas, as Berens is.

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Lynne said...

Great job, Ricky!!! From awesome beginnings,OG/SM/MAC, to the Olympics - glad to see your hard work and dedication paying off in such a big way. We look forward to seeing you swim in the men's 4x200 finals. Congratulations on a great first Olympic swim!!! Lynne, Randy, Lori & Erin Brantley