Monday, August 18, 2008

Chinese paper money

Here's what the money looks like over here. Chairman Mao -- the controversial former leader of the People's Republic of China -- is all over it. Here's a profile from Time about Mao Zedong if you're curious as to who the man is on the money.

As for how much this is worth: the 100 yuan bill (upper left corner) is worth about $15.00 by current exchange standards. It goes down from there. The 20 yuan bill is worth $3, the 10 is worth $1.50, the 5 is worth 75 cents and the 1 yuan bill -- it only is worth 15 cents but I keep accumulating them. Then there's that 0.5 yuan bill -- it's worth a measly 7.5 cents and fills up your wallet, too.

To me, anytime I'm in a foreign country, I spend money a little more freely because it all feels like Monopoly money to me. It morphs into something very real when it gets onto my credit-card account a few weeks later, but I always seem to forget that part.


Donald said...

Try to spend it, not bring it home. I have money from countries around the world that I brought home instead of suffering the loss in exchange - and of course have never made it back to most of those countries. The banks will exchange some of it but they have to charge a fee to cover their costs. Net-net - spend it and enjoy!

Scott Fowler said...

Donald: Good advice. And believe me, I'm taking it.

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