Friday, April 27, 2012

Video: Scott Fowler on Luke Kuechly's potential

Can Boston College linebacker Luke Kuechly, the Carolina Panthers' pick at No. 9 in the NFL draft, have instant impact on the team's leaky defense? Scott Fowler discusses that and more with Cinesport's Noah Coslov:


Anonymous said...

Rivera and Chud know something on Beason they are being very quiet about.
( injury prone - trade imminent )

Robert said...

I don't think this was as much about Beason as it was Hurney's long standing philosophy of drafting the best player available. Also this is an insurance policy in case Davis doesn't return. Also if Davis DOES return and plays well I see Luke taking over for Anderson. Anderson has been solid, but he's far from a star. You put Beason, a healthy Davis and now Kuechly in there and you have 3 start linebackers!

Anonymous said...

wow Scott - you sound JUST LIKE Mr Rogers

Anonymous said...

I agree with Robert. Davis can't be counted on to return to the field. This is really best for Davis because it allows the panthers to work him back in slowly rather than needing to rush him on the field. Anderson Beason and Kuechly are a great LB core. There wasn't really another defensive guy on the board that I thought was worth taking. We get Ron Edwards back and shouldn't bail on our other two DTs. Still a ways to go but the defense got a big boost last night.

Superman 89 said...

There were trades available. New England wanted to move up to #9 according to Philadelphia obviously wanted to move ahead of KC. We did not settle, we got the guy we wanted.

Hurney has a good record in the first round. I would not doubt him on this one. It was not fear for the health of Davis or Beason. It was a stud that we could not pass up.

I see a lot of flexibility with this pick. Kuechly can plan SAM, MIKE, or WILL so he can step in for any of the three if they are not 100%. We can have a very fluid rotation as the four guys make us 3 deep at all three spots. (No Anderson at Will, no Davis at SAM or Mike) Remember that Beason was a Will his second year at UofM and a SAM his first year.