Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Panthers 2012 schedule comes out tonight

The NFL has decided to release its 2012 regular-season schedule at approximately 7 p.m. tonight (Eastern time) on its NFL Network and nfl.com (ESPN has a special, too, on the schedule tonight).

I will predict the Panthers get at least one and likely two prime-time games (either on a Sunday or a Monday night), given the attractiveness of their opponents and of 2011 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Cam Newton.

One very good prime-time possibility: the Panthers' home game against Denver and Peyton Manning and John Fox. Another: Carolina's home games against the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants and Dallas or their road game against Philadelphia (Michael Vick vs. Newton could be a strong selling point).

We know Carolina will open on the road because of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte in early September.

We also already know the Panthers' opponents -- we just don't know the order in which Carolina will play them. The home schedule in particular this year is as glamorous as it has been in a number of years.

To review:

HOME OPPONENTS (with 2012 regular-season record)
Atlanta Falcons (10-6)
New Orleans Saints (13-3)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-12)
Dallas Cowboys (8-8)
New York Giants (9-7)
Denver Broncos (8-8)
Oakland Raiders (8-8)
Seattle Seahawks (7-9)

ROAD OPPONENTS (with 2012 regular-season record)
Atlanta Falcons (10-6)
New Orleans Saints (13-3)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-12)
Philadelphia Eagles (8-8)
Washington Redskins (5-11)
Kansas City Chiefs (7-9)
San Diego Chargers (8-8)
Chicago Bears (8-8)


Anonymous said...

Hope we at least get a home game for prime time so we can see the DE building light up after every score.

Anonymous said...

Of course we get Prime Time...we got Cam Newton baby!

Anonymous said...

Don't be surprised if three show up on the schedule.

Anonymous said...

RGIII vs Newton seems like a Lock....

Anonymous said...

We should get one Sunday and one Monday, and I think two thurs/sat NFL Network games. Even when we suck we usually get an NFL Network game.

Although I would rather have a Sunday game then have to watch NFL N

Anonymous said...

I hope we get a Prime Time home game so the whole nation can hear how quiet the crowd is and how terrible the music is. If you are out there and listening, send us help. Jerry Richardson lulls the crowd the sleep between shoving advertising in your face at every time out and insisting on playing music only 60 year old guys from Kings Mountain would love. WORST HOME FIELD FAN EXPERIENCE IN THE LEAGUE!! -psl holder

Anonymous said...

You people are such dreamers.Why would the nfl want to show the super bowl champs against this pathetic team? The only possible game i see in primetime is the denver game because of john fox.If peyton manning is such a draw,then denver will have to have every monday or sunday night game on their schedule! Scott is a wanna be and you panther fans are all dummy's!

Anonymous said...

Say the man who will disapper when the schedule comes out.

Arealpanthersfan said...

Says the man who will disapper as soon as the schedule comes out.

Anonymous said...

Cowboys and Giants will be "guaranteed" wins...Giants will have a 6-10 year after winning the Superbowl, and the Cowboys...well...there the Cowboys...Lol...Cam is the man!

Anonymous said...

I wish all these Yankees would go back to New York or PA...not wanted in the South...The South will Rise Again!!!

Anonymous said...

The G-Man and Cowgirls won't make the playoffs this year...G-Men lost alot of talent, and the Cowboys have Romo as QB...Lol..

Anonymous said...

Some of you people make me ashamed to be a Panthers fan. Did that 1 tard really say "The South will Rise Again"? This is 2012, not 1950. I also noticed the bragging about being a psl holder while bashing the stadium chose to be anonymous, but had to include they have a psl, which I seriously doubt. And lastly, to the tard that said this, "You people are such dreamers.Why would the nfl want to show the super bowl champs against this pathetic team?" At the end of your comment, you called Panther fans dummies, only you said "dummy's" I think that says enough about who the dummy is.

Anonymous said...

Loltroll should get a life. Youre a complete joke. Loser.

Anonymous said...

Pnathers 1-15...Lol

Anonymous said...

The Dallas game will either be a prime time game or a FOX national game. Why? Because every (bleep)ing Dallas game is broadcast nationally. Makes me sick.

I'm guessing the Denver game and one of the New Orleans games will be prime time, and the Dallas and Philly games to be FOX national games.

I hope game 1 is either at Tampa or at Washington, so we can be assured of a 1-0 start.

Anonymous said...

Washington is a joke...if they land RG III...he'll be the joke...the kid is not anything like Cam or Vick...RG III will be the bust, and the Redskins will make sure it happens...

Anonymous said...

people sure are hating on here today. anybody who thinks the panthers aren't headed in the right direction are crazy.

as for the guy who said we had the worst home field in the league, well, that guy has obviously never been to a game in jacksonville, tampa, cincinnati, arizona, just to name a few

Anonymous said...

Monday Night games traditionally go to teams that were at least .500 the previous season.

This article is simply Fowler sucking up in hopes of getting an "exclusive" with some Panthers front office weasel. Like the guy who said "Draft Clausen!".

Anonymous said...

Has Dallas ever won here? I don't remember if they have played here other than the 2 butt kickings we gave them in the playoffs.
Hope to see the Aints in one of the first 3 weeks, on the road. Get them while they are down. Dallas will be a 4:00 start, guarenteed.

I am right said...


Who cares? Cam's face will be all over the place, and we as a team will still struggle to be .500.

Until the Big Rat sells, we will never be taken seriously by the brass in the NFL.

Anonymous said...

Broncos...Monday Night...count on it.

Cowboys at 4

Saints on Thursday

Sunday night Eagles

Hopefully KC and/or SD is later than 1

Thanksgiving or Xmas could switch up one or two of these


Anonymous said...

I spoke with the director of operations (responsible for the "Game Day" experience) and he assured me that they were re-vamping everything this year. I told him about the opera (yes OPERA) that played during a game a couple of years back, and he said he understood how that might not have been "the best". I'm hoping they're serious, and hopeful because a couple of years back Danny Morrison called me (as a result of a PSL survey) and they got rid of face-painting the other teams logos in OUR building by the vendors.

Anonymous said...

By the looks of the home schedule...should be undefeated at home against those clowns...Ha! Ha!!

Anonymous said...

It's not that hard to predict a prime time game. The NFL has already reported that every team will get at least one. Great reporting here.

Anonymous said...

2 sunday nights and 1 monday night according to reports

NFL wants to promote a star buck like Cam

Greg said...

looks like we have atleast 1 against the Giants on the nfl network Sept 20th at home. Giants schedule was leaked supposedly.

Archiguy said...

Night games are made for the TV audience. They STINK if you're an attending fan. They always occur on work nights, which means you're going to be dragging the next day, not to mention leaving the stadium and driving home at night on roads filled with drunks (ANGRY drunks if we lose).

Last season was a real blessing for the attending fans - every home game was 1:00 on Sunday, as pro football games should be. That, and a high draft choice, are the fringe benefits of having a terrible team the year before.

Anonymous said...

from a source:

primetime giants home on thursday sep 20, at philly monday november 26.

open at tampa bay at 415, then home to NO on sept 16, then giants at home on thursday night, then @ falcoms

Seattle oct 7
Dallas Oct 21

dont feel like typing the rest out

Anonymous said...

The south will rise again??? Come on, there are more yankees than the old fahioned "southerners" in the Carolinas.The civil war is over,we won.
Now let's get down to football. We have a lot of defensive players coming back which should make us stronger. John Fox was soo predictable that I could call the next play from my couch. The fact is that I don't think we will win a super bowl this year, I do think you will see improvement and maybe a playoff game. Just think annymous, if Lincoln had not freed the slaves, we wouldn't have Cam.