Monday, September 19, 2011

You've gotta be kidding... Thomas Davis tears ACL again

The news that Thomas Davis has sustained yet another torn ACL -- his third since Nov.2009 -- is sad and causes a reassessment of whether Davis is ever really going to be able to play effectively in the NFL again.

Davis tweeted Monday that he had torn the anterior cruciate ligament in his knee. He hurt the knee against Green Bay Sunday in a 30-23 loss to the Packers and had an MRI Monday. This should mean that Davis is lost for the season, on the heels of losing Jon Beason for the season only one week ago.

The Packers game was only the second one that Davis has played since Nov.8, 2009, when this cycle began. He had missed 24 straight games -- 8 in 2009 and 16 in 2010 -- before playing in the first two games this season.

Davis, 28, is in his seventh NFL season and played in 69 of his first 72 NFL games. He was durable and -- once the Panthers decided he was a linebacker and not a safety -- extremely productive. I thought in 2009 he was on his way to the Pro Bowl given the way he played the first half of the season.

But now it looks like Davis's career may end up something like Dan Morgan's -- another extremely fast, injury-plagued, first-round draft choice the Panthers employed at linebacker. Both men flashed Hall of Fame potential at brief moments during their careers. Both are stand-up guys -- guys you would be proud to live next door to and who did a lot for our community.

But both had bodies that just kept letting them down.