Friday, September 16, 2011

5 best Panther-Packer games ever (and a prediction)

Each Friday during the NFL season I will post a blog with some notes about the Panthers' Sunday opponent and a prediction at the end of the blog. Last season my record for these week-by-week predictions was 13-3. I didn't predict last week's Arizona-Carolina game because I was off.

Before the prediction, though, here's my own personal list of the 5 most memorable games in Green Bay-Carolina history. The two teams have played each other 11 times in the past 15 seasons, which is a lot for two teams not in the same division.

1) 1997 -- Green Bay 30, Carolina 13. On a frigid day in the 1996 NFC title game, the Packers won at Lambeau Field behind Brett Favre and Reggie White. I've never been colder walking into a stadium.

2) 1999 -- Carolina 33, Green Bay 31. Steve Beuerlein's most startling play as a Panther -- a quarterback draw for a touchdown -- allows the Panthers to pull off the road upset. I was there and still remember the utter silence Steve Beuerlein's draw was greeted by when he scored.

3) 2008 -- Carolina 35, Green Bay 31. In a shootout at Lambeau, DeAngelo Williams scores four touchdowns in the Panthers' last-minute victory. Steve Smith's 54-yard reception late from Jake Delhomme set up Williams' final TD.

4) 2004 -- Green Bay 24, Carolina 14. The Packers disappoint a huge crowd in Charlotte in the Monday Night Football opener the year after Carolina made to the Super Bowl.

5) 2000 -- Carolina 31, Green Bay 14. "Ho-o-o-v!" Rookie fullback Brad Hoover subs in as a tailback and rushes for 117 yards in Charlotte in another Monday night shocker.

-- Carolina Panther fans have long wanted their team to blitz more often. On Sunday, though, they should be careful what they wish for.

When New Orleans blitzed Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers 10 days ago, Rodgers shredded the Saints. According to STATS LLC, Rodgers went 14-for-18 for 207 yards and two touchdowns for a quarterback rating of 151.6 against the blitz.

Of course, giving Rodgers time is a recipe for failure as well. But the Panthers also gave up a 70-yard touchdown pass while blitzing Arizona last week. Given that Rodgers is a far better quarterback than Kevin Kolb, I expect the Panthers at least initially will try to get almost all of their pass rush with only four rushers.

-- Sunday's prediction: Green Bay 37, Carolina 24.


Anonymous said...

The best game was a complete blowout and the 4th best is the game that Steve Smith got his leg broken on a horse-collar tackle? Ugh.

Anonymous said...

Upset Special!

Anonymous said...

Ugh? You sound like a 14 year old girl. Yes, the best game was our 1st NFC Championship game and if you were at the opener in 2004, you would realized how special that night was and the energy in Charlotte.

Gimbel said...

I remember the one I hated the most was when we drove up the field for an either game winning field goal or game tying field goal and Shane Graham botched a gimme and we lost. I don't think that Ginger lasted much longer on our team.

Anonymous said...

and in that same monday night game that was brad hoover's coming out party, remember the lunkhead that ran onto the field and it took a while for him to be tackled..i also remember the packer game (not sure what year) that dan morgan broke his leg trying to plant himself on what was supposedly called turf..the fieldw was coming up and referees were taking square foot after square foot to the sideline after nearly every play

Anonymous said...

The five best Panther-Packer games ever. Are you serious? The Panthers have only been in the league since 1995. They aren't in the same division wit the Packers. They've barely played more than five games. There must be very little news to report in Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

barely more than five games? Can you read? It clearly says they have played 11 times..

MichaelProcton said...

Gimbel, you're not quite right. Graham replaced Jon Hilbert--who was replacing an injured John Kasay--after an 0-2 week 3. That Green Bay game was his first, and he stayed on through the entire season. Kasay was ready for the next season, Graham signed with Cincy, and the rest--including a Pro Bowl--is history.

Gimbel said...

Since when has one season with us been considered a long or storied history with us. I never mentioned his time with the pathetic bungles, I isolated my comments to the article concerning the panthers vs green bay and that one trick pony screwed up his one duty. Everything else u mention is irrelevant and sidebar so if your going to call me out at least let it pertain to the subject at hand.

Anonymous said...

I predict that Panthers will have more negro fans than Atlanta had jump on their bandwagon 10 years ago,after they got Vick, all due to Cam

You can already tell by the obvious voices heard on FNZ talk radio

It be what it be

Anonymous said...

12:40: I could care less if the fans were martians...why would you?

On the 2002 Lambeau field matchup...I was there and Stephen Davis ran threw the Packers all day. It was a mild day in Green Bay and the fan were rabid at times and then quiet at times as it was obvious that the Panthers could move the ball. Graham, then 24, had been at home in Dublin, VA (pop. 2,300) waiting on an NFL call less than 36 hours before he found himself on the not-so Frozen Tundra trying to tie the game up and send it into overtime. And, with the Panthers seemingly getting stronger in the 4th, overtime looked good. The fans were very quiet as the Panthers churned yards in the 4th Quarter, almost acknowledging they were getting ready to lose. After Graham hooked right and the Packers had sealed the victory, my wife and I - wearing our game jerseys - received some of the nastiest comments in the stadium and on the GB streets..."you suck," "you never had a chance," etc., etc. What a turn of events. Like Kerry Collins, Shayne turned it around, got back on track with the Panthers and parlayed this stint into a pretty outstanding NFL career. But, on that lonely day in Lambeau, John Fox's 36 hour gamble with the 24-year-old small town Va. Tech graduate layed a large egg in the land of cheese, brats and beer. Hope at least for as exciting a game today.

Anonymous said...

Newton punks notoriously post their race trash trying to make it look like non-Newtons do it as usual. Nobody fooled. That angle dont work. FkU bitch. Newton is a still a punk like you.

As far as Greenbay obliterating the Panties by 50-60 pts as WFNZ radio callers say?
Thats off.

Anonymous said...

Dang. Maybe the Jags will be an easier team to defeat next week but they still have a lot a great players on a young team.