Friday, September 23, 2011

Carolina Panthers to beat Jacksonville Sunday

Here's a little preview of my Sunday column, with my Panthers prediction at the bottom:

We will start today's column with a quiz. When Panther cornerback Captain Munnerlyn was being interviewed this week, he uttered what has to be one of my favorite quotes of this Carolina season thus far.

Quoth the Captain: "He's a big guy to be so small."

So who do you think Munnerlyn -- who at 5-foot-8, is the shortest player on the Panthers' roster -- was talking about? Was it:

A) Himself
B) Steve Smith
C) Olindo Mare
D) Maurice Jones-Drew.

If you guessed "D," you are correct.

Jones-Drew -- at 5-foot-7 and 208 pounds -- is the little big man the Panthers' defense must stop Sunday. He's compact, strong and the Jaguars' biggest offensive weapon, having gained 185 yards on the ground in the first two games. That's more rushing yardage than the entire Carolina team.

If Carolina is going to make Blaine Gabbert look like a rookie quarterback making his first start, which he is, the simplest way would be to slow down Jones-Drew. Then Gabbert has to face more third-and-long situations and Munnerlyn's wish may come true.

"Hopefully we can confuse him, mess with his head a little and get our hands on some balls," Munnerlyn said of Gabbert.

Given that two of Carolina's biggest defensive weapons -- Thomas Davis and Jon Beason -- are on injured reserve for the season, however, that will be easier said than done.

-- I'm 14-3 over the last 17 games picking the Panthers' win-loss outcome. My prediction for Sunday:

Carolina 19, Jacksonville 16.


Anonymous said...

Playing the prediction game conservative I see. I wouldn't guess the Panthers score more than 19 points on this team

Anonymous said...

Wait...the Panthers put up 23 on GB but can only get 19 on Jax? I think #89 scores 21 by himself...

Ned Reryson said...

No way we can stop the run of JAX. This game will bring all these people back to Earth.

Jax- 23
Kitty Kats- 12

Anonymous said...

Panthers 28 Jaguars 17

Josh said...

I really like our chances if the Panthers can come out and get a quick jump on the Jags. Try to take MJD right out of the game, at least running the ball. Hope we come out firing and Jax feels they have to keep up.

Anonymous said...

Scott- You would have a better winning percentage if you picked the Panthers to lose the last 17 games. I think you are going out on a limb here.

Anonymous said...

"Playing the prediction game conservative I see. I wouldn't guess the Panthers score more than 19 points on this team"......Really? You honestly think after the last two weeks when we are averaging 22pts a game and hung 23 on the Packers that we can't put up 19 against the Jags? A jags team who gave up 30+ last week in a loss?
Panthers 31
Jaguars 17

Anonymous said...

Aren't they both "kitty kats" Ned?

Anonymous said...

Josh is right. If the Panthers can score early then the Jags run game will have all the pressure. Most run teams have a hard time playing from behind. Ask J.Fox.

MichaelProcton said...

Right, 3:12. That's why we had more fourth-quarter comebacks with Delhomme under center than any other team in the league during that time.

Anonymous said...

This could get ugly if Newton is off

Anonymous said...

jake was def the man

Anonymous said...

First MichaelProcton I loved Jake when he played for the Panthers. My point was it's very difficult for running teams to come back. But since you brought it up I checked out and from 2003-2009 when he was here Jake had 17 comebacks. The only other person I looked up was Manning and he had 22 4th quarter comebacks during the same period. But you just continue to live in the past...GO CAM AND GO PANTHERS!!!

Steven Rash said...

Panthers 28
Jaguars 10

Rboggs81 said...

Forget predicting the score, let's try and predict Cam's stats;

I am saying 320 yds w/ 2 TDs, 40 yds Rushing w/ 1 TD and 2 Int's.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see MJD run for more yards than Cam throws for.

Anonymous said...

Jax 27 Panthers 20

Blaine Gabbert has less yards passing but Cams still winless

I must be racist

Anonymous said...

Gabbert is a mainstay face of the next gen of NFL Qbs with Locker Mallett Ponder Dalton Stanzi Yates. Newton fades like a comet with zero stay power. One shot. Scammers all alike. Here today gone tomorrow. Fly by night. Bangin & slangin in his future.

And of course Texas Gov Perry is the future & face of the next prez in 2012 & top fan of our GREAT Dallas Cowboys woven into the fabric of the massive sprawling Dallas Texas greatest city on earth.
Jerry & his 1.3 billion stadium awesome. Nothing comes close.
BOA Stadium is a HS field in comparison.


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Anonymous said...

anon 8:53,

Carolina vs. Dallas in playoffs 2-0

Jan. 3, 2004 NFC Wild Card Carolina 29, Dallas 10

Jan. 5, 1997 NFC Divisional Carolina 26, Dallas 17

Anonymous said...

Fkoff punk

Anonymous said...

I'm playing Cam Newton instead of Kevin Kolb on the fantasy team for the 1st time this season. THROW CAM THROW!!!

Tell It Brother said...

The Dallas fan is a complete redneck. Gives Southerners a bad rap. Cam is better than Romo. We would crush your Dallas White House crackheads. Go back to Texas and chew on some grass. The Panthers are getting ready to own the NFC.

Sportsdon said...

Both Dallas worship and Delhomme worship are things of the past. Some of you guys need to join the new decade, in which both of those things are very unsucessfull.

Anyone who still thinks Cam is a fluke is probably gpoing to argue that the earth is flat. Despite all evidence some people can't get past their emotions and see real evidence staring them in the face.

Panthers will win this game.

Anonymous said...

Ummm...everyone should really take another look at the Jags defense. Their QB threw 4 int & that's why the game was lost not because the Jets offense beat them. The Jags D held the Jets to less than 300 yards total offense & totally stifled their run game. On the other hand...the Panthers Defense is 25th overall & 19th against the run (111.5)& 26th against the pass (295.0)Do you really think the Panthers can stop MJD? He's put up more by himself in a limited capacity than the Panthers whole team. Anyways...Enjoy the game everyone!

Anonymous said...

Jags D is pretty good, they'll slow us and I think the prediction is real close, just hope we are the winning team.

Oh, and BTW... I hate you all!

Anonymous said...

A Jags fan here, I really appreciate what your Qb has done. Please keep your expectations in check when referring to our D.. This isn't the same D as last year. FORGET about running up the middle and going to the outside will be limited also due to the speed of our LB's. I expect a good game with the Panther's being very one dimensional, which should set up a pass happy Panthers offense, which we're expecting any way. Enjoy.

JC said...

you people are absolute idiots if you think Newton is the best thing since sliced bread.... For the Panthers to be succesful, they need DeAngelo Williams to get at least 20 carries a game... I understand John Fox isn't here, but he did go to a superbowl, and I GUARANTEE, Newton won't even sniff the playoffs until he becomes a leader and says let's feed our backs because they are the real play makers on this team, Steve Smith is on the decline, and you are going to let 2 prime running backs rot away? Especially DW? That's insane, give him the ball, because on his game, he is a top 5 RB in the NFL, they simply must put faith in him, and once he explodes, the Panthers will start winning, until then, say hello to a 3-13 season

Anonymous said...

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DoubleJ said...

I'm expecting the Panthers to get their first win of the season today. 28-24. Panthers D still concerns me a little.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent prediction! You had 'em with a touchdown apiece and a bunch of field goals... All these other prognosticators on here look pretty stupid right now.

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