Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bests and worsts from Green Bay's 30-23 win over Carolina Panthers

A thrilling afternoon at Bank of America Stadium ultimately ended in disappointment for the home fans Sunday, as Green Bay beat Carolina, 30-23.

The game wasn't completely over until Green Bay's Donald Driver recovered a late onside kick by Carolina's Olindo Mare with less than 40 seconds remaining. There was much to recommend this game in general in terms of entertainment value, and some positives and negatives regarding the Panthers' play.

Best passing number: Cam Newton threw for a team-record 432 yards, which was his second straight 400-yard performance. He surpassed Chris Weinke's team mark.

Worst passing number: Newton also threw three interceptions, and he sounded very downcast about all of them after the game.

Best gesture: Thomas Davis ran onto the field in the pregame swinging injured teammate Jon Beason's jersey.

Worst possible injury: Davis was later hurt himself in the game. How bad his knee is hurt is inconclusive and more will be known Monday.

Worst statistic: DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart combined for 11 carries for 18 yards against the Packers. It was the second straight week that "Double Trouble" was no trouble at all to handle on the ground.

Best call: Ahead 23-16 at their own 16 with 2:26 remaining, Green Bay faced a first-and-10. Most teams would have simply run the ball three times and hoped to get a first down, burning the opponents' timeouts. The Packers instead threw an 84-yard touchdown pass -- Aaron Rodgers to Jordy Nelson -- that sealed the game.

Best crowd: Fine atmosphere in Charlotte, and almost everyone stuck around for the fourth quarter.

Best catch: Brandon LaFell had a stunning 32-yarder in double coverage for the Panthers in the fourth quarter.

Best start: Carolina jumped to a 13-0 lead that really could have been as much as 21-0 on the defending Super Bowl champs.

Best comeback: Green Bay then scored 23 consecutive points to take a 23-13 lead into the fourth quarter.

Best receiver: Steve Smith broke open for 156 receiving yards, giving him two games of 150-plus yards in two weeks.

Worst fumble: Smith was carrying the ball way too far from his body after one reception and ended up getting it stripped away for a costly turnover.

Best running back (running category): Green Bay's James Starks constantly gashed the Panther defense, ending up with 9 carries for 85 yards.

Best running back (receiving category): Who knew that Jonathan Stewart could catch the ball so well? Constantly used as a safety valve by Newton, he ended up with eight catches for an even 100 yards.


Anonymous said...

Andrew Luck wouldnt have thrown those int's AND would have made the right throws in the red zone.

14 more games until Andrew Luck draft watch baby !

heelpanfan said...

Dont be an idiot. Cam will be QB here for a long time.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Luck had problems with Duke

LeeH said...

Its cool to post Anonymous. Pathers will not draft Luck...Are you really that stupid

Anonymous said...

.."almost everyone stuck around for the fourth quarter."

LOL...So in Charlotte, it's a good crowd when 'almost everyone' stays for the 4th quarter of a close game?


Anonymous said...

Newton will soon have a brush with the law. Drunk driving Strip joints maybe a Carruth situation ...He is a one season player only. Smith on his way out.

Luck will be the MAN regardless of what any idiot punk says and he had no probs with Duke.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Luck might not have made some of the same bad throws as Cam and he may have found an open receiver down in the red zone. More likely Luck would have been on his back. Did you see Cam make All-Pro linebacker Clay Matthews miss on three different occasions? Matthews got Cam back near the end of the game, but Cam made Clay look silly on more than one occasion. Don't think Luck would have been so lucky on those plays.

Anonymous said...

Rae Carruth? You're actually playing the Rae Carruth card? Lol! I don't think so. And the only place Steve Smith is on his way to is the Pro Bowl with his second straight game with 150 yards receiving.

EuroCat said...

Anon 5:50 &'re probably the same person, so please step away from your computer and put down the crack pipe: that stuff'll rot your brain (seems like it's maybe too late for you anyway).

Maybe those comments are lame attempts at jokes, but they're just that - lame - and not funny.

Too bad blogs don't have an automatic "stupid filter" would make reading them far more enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

Time for All Pro Derek Anderson to take over but only if JR wants to win.
400 yard stat chaser games mean nothing.

Newton is only spinning his wheels
and if the Jags beat him is time to retire him.

Anonymous said...

wow...even after newton surpasses anything the panthers did last year, there are still retards out there that say hes going to suck...or "Luck" wouldve been better...the man had back to back games of 400+ yards, true he made mistakes, he's a rookie! not to mention the lockout that took away weeks of practice...if you want Luck, start cheering for the colts...if you dont like the panthers, get out of charlotte!

Anonymous said...

Cam is the man. AL can pound sand.

Anonymous said...

what is wrong with you people...why such vicious attacks on this guy??

losing sucks, even he says so...but we are sooo much better than last year & we are going to get better....I for one will hang in with Cam, we just played the best team in the league & the guy is trying to make plays out there...I am on board, the rest of you "fans" can go back to whatever rock you crawled out from...better yet, go be a falcons fan

Anonymous said...

Newton has solidified our QB position for years to come. He needs more time by the OL, the running game to get going, and the defense to sow teams down.

Anonymous said...

and one more thing...our guys were playing their guts out of the hardest hitting games I have seen in a long time

Anonymous said...

Andrew Luck is not an NFL Quarterback, and to be honest, no one can really say how he would handle the NFL. Newton is a pleasant surprise with his poise.

Anonymous said...

I felt good after the performance last week. But, I wanted to see how he handled this week. I now have no lingering doubts that he is the real deal. We will not win them all this year (obviously), but we can compete with anybody. THis will be an exciting year were we learn how to win again. THe future looks awesome!!!

BrevardMountaineer03 said...

Are you kidding me....Cam threw 3 INTS, true, but what would have happened last year. This was a much better performance from a team that people think will get the first draft pick again. If we do, the league better watch out. Cam's the real deal, yeah he made mistakes, but even Derek Anderson has thrown Ints before. Plus here's a stat for you....last year Clausen 3 Td's 9 Ints....this year Cam already has 3 Tds. Jimmy had 0 rushing Tds, Cam 2...Get off his back, let him adjust, and he'll be great!

C.B. said...

What I can't believe is some of you Panther fans want to tout Newton's passing- note how poorly he did/ still does when passing in the red zone- but how many wins have those passing yards gotten you so far? He had an opportunity to win it for you today- misfire- and he had three opportunities last week- numerous misfires. Being a solidly gifted athlete is one thing, being a solidly gifted QB is quite another. That fact isn't coming from smoking something, it is coming from actual events.

I realize it has been some time since Panther fans have had much to cheer about, but if you think pre-season team drills were going to compensate for what skills Newton lacks, you obviously didn't pay much attention to how and what system he performed in at Auburn last year. I will say your offensive coordinator deserves a pay raise for how he is having to scheme for Newton. Newton still doesn't know how to read a defense.

Ghoul said...

I would question Luck's intelligence, he turned down the chance to be the #1 pick and millions of dollars. He could blow out his knee or elbow this year, or just have a mediocre season and lose out. Plus he will be a year older, and this is a game for young men, he lost a year's worth of salary.

Anonymous said...

c.b., your probably one of those people that if the panthers win, would have some lame excuse for the other team..."oh such and such wasnt playing, or that play was called wrong and they didnt call it." you're an unhappy person and you want everyone else to feel bad like you.

Anonymous said...

Newton is the real deal. Once he learns the game, he will be awesome.

eman said...

So where are all you guys that were on AE for dropping balls in traffic and fumbling one punt? Why not the same treatment of Smith who dropped 3 passes, two right in his hands with no one around and then had maybe the mistake that cost us the game with a very STUPID fumble?? I just don't understand how you can beat up "basically a rookie" who is learning and not be all over a seasoned veteran. It doesnt matter how many balls Smith caught or yards he got, he is Cam's main target and he can't afford those mistakes!

F said...

Wow, I thought this was a blog. Instead it appears I'm reading the latest entries in the Player Hater's Ball.

Honestly, no one knows how Cam's career is going to turn out. Sure, these games could be an aberration from the norm, and he might regress over the course of the season. Or they might be a starting point, representing the promise he has that can be refined over time.

Personally I would like to believe the latter, as I feel most other Panthers fans would. He just finished the second game in his NFL career and, in so doing, has combined the most passing yards ever for a rookie through two games as well as some dreadful turnovers and poor decisions. To make an assumption that either of these things represent a complete forecast of future is, quite simply put, foolish.

So for all you fools out there, remember these words from another controversial character: "Screams from the haters got a nice ring to it, I guess every super hero needs his theme music."

Anonymous said...

I was not a fan of drafting Newton, but the guy has absolutely won me over. C'mon people, he's a young guy fresh out of college FB who's played TWO games as pro with limited preseason prep! He's exciting to watch, and he is not afraid AT ALL. It's been a long time since this team had any excitement.

Kenneth said...

I absolutely have to commend the majority of you guys for giving Cam his props. But I can't believe that there is anyone anywhere who would still be talking about Andrew Luck after our quarterback has thrown for 400 yards in back to back games. That's impressive no matter who you are, and Newton is the first person to do it in NFL history for his first 2 games.
Andrew Luck doesn't look like such a can't miss NFL superstar to me. I think that when both careers are done we are going to see that we actually got the better quarterback.

maskmann29 said...

If the Panthers have the first overall pick in the 2012 draft. Yes, the panthers will draft Luck and trade him for future picks and extra picks to help Cam. I'm sure the Indy would love to have Luck if Manning can't return.

Cam will on get better. Its just his second game with a Lock Out Season. 5 weeks to prepare and Newton is playing this well. I could only imagine if the NFL didn't have a lock out season.

Anonymous said...

The people posting anti-Cam comments on here are obviously a bunch of trolls from New Orleans, Tampa Gay, and Alabama. Ignore them. They're just making dumb remarks just to piss people off. If not, then they're just really that dumb. Go Panthers.

I. Was Wrong said...

I can't believe some of you people are still locking on to any negatives you can find, hoping that Newton will fail. How can you call yourself a Panthers fan when few people anywhere thought he would be this good. I was also a doubter, but I am frankly amazed at how poised he is. Granted he threw 3 picks, but he will learn from this. But the positive is our team is actually putting up points. He has already equaled Matt Moore's output for all of last year for yards and td's. He has already thrown for more td's than Clausen and more than half of the just two games. Get a grip, the Panthers won't draft Luck next year even if they have the lst pick. End of story. Get on board...or get lost.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I wonder what excuses the Luck lovers would have made if he threw for 3 ints along 400 yards in a NFL game? Oh he's justa rookie? Any rookie will have a bad game, stop treating Luck like he's the greatest ever.

Anonymous said...

Newton will only get better with film study etc. The red zone play calling has to improve. Too many passes and less running.

Anonymous said...

The Panthers give up big play after big play on defense, but that doesn't make the worsts list? I'm starting to see why McDermott was jettisoned from Philly.

RBay said...

How about we get a running back or a full back that can help pound it in on short yardage. We have no running game so Cam is passing like crazy and doing a good job of it. 3 INT's is not abnormal for good NFL QBs from time to time. Big Ben had 5 last week. But notice the good ones stick with it and Cam did almost coming out with the tie at the end to force overtime. He's really good. And the first person that posted at 5:50pm, I see a hint of racial issues or maybe its that Alabama weirdo that poisoned the trees at Auburn or maybe yet one of those bitter bitter UGA fans?

RBay said...

Sorry, I meant 5 turnovers by Big Ben in their 35-7 loss. 3 INTs. Cam had 3 INTs against the Super Bowl champs and we were still in the game until we turned it over on downs near the end zone and GB scored. Not bad, Cam Newton is an exciting player to watch unless you have racial issues, are an Alabama fan with issues or you a Georgia fan who forever will have issues.

pantherfaninfl said...


pantherfaninfl said...


Anonymous said...

Cam Newton is not the best quarterback we have ever had, at least not yet. Jake Delhomme will be until cam wins a fews games in the playoffs and has a few comeback victories. He should do this sometime within the next 3 years because right now he has proved me wrong so far he is playing very well. But Andrew Luck is the next big thing and to be honest if we got to pick that low next year you cant pass him up but we will not get to pick there cause we will actually win a few games.

Jeff said...

Don Gregory is a fricking idiot. Marty Hurney is a cork sucker? Dumb and dumber getting even dumber!

Anonymous said...

Best crowd?? Were you even there? It was almost 50/50 packers fans and of course people stayed in the 4th quarter it was a close game! Did you notice all the fair weather fans leaving after the Packers final score with over 2 minutes left in a 2 score game? Carolina fans should be embarrassed. If they had any heart.

B-cats Fan said...

Lets break it down by numbers ... you know what seperates Newton and Luck? about 8 figures in $. whether Newton makes a great player or not ... he has ALL the money!

Anonymous said...

0-16 ?

Any team who signs a rogue who scammed his way up was a loser to begin with. No others would touch him.

With the media blessing Newton is wrecking the whole league lowering its standards with his baggage amd mischief and any QB who passes 50-60 times can get 400 yards playing 3 wideouts and double TEs.

With 2 of the best RBs anywhere these idiots make a stat hero out the QB only with the media morons amd lose games in the process. Too funny.

Williams being ruined. Stewart gets a few dumps. Smith a laughing stock. What a showoff jerk who halfass played past 3 years doing nothing.

Screwed up mess. What goes around ...

Anonymous said...

PANTHER TICKET OWNERS - What the hell is wrong with you? The stadium was 30%? Packer fans yesterday. Many Panther fans that were there sat on there hands. Thomas Davis had to raise his arms when we were backed up on the goal line. I just don't get it. I'm really sick of going to a home game and having to put up with so many idiots from the opposing team. Saw one drunk idiot with that ridiculous cheese head hat try to spit on a Panther fan. Why do you have tickets if you're not going to go to the game? I bet the players and coaches are sick of not having a home field advantage.

Anonymous said...

"Time for All Pro Derek Anderson to take over but only if JR wants to win. 400 yard stat chaser games mean nothing. Newton is only spinning his wheels and if the Jags beat him is time to retire him"........You can't be serious? Your ignorant comment requires no response other than wow!

Anonymous said...

So Cam is now making up the game plan and calling the plays so he can pass and break records but not get the win? Some of the comments are priceless.

Anonymous said...

Cam is proving he can put up points one way or the other. It's now time for our Defense to keep the other team out of the endzone.

James D. Hogan said...

Best Marching Band: Western Carolina University

Anonymous said...

Vick has a concussion now? Damn. He will be out the rest of the year and before he went to jail was out for a whole year with a fx fibula trying to do it all. They never learn.

Newtons a joke. Lying on a stretcher crying in pain with broken bones in his future.

Anonymous said...

HAHA.The writer says that most fans stuck around in the 4th quarter this time.Really? They were packer fans lol.When fox was doing their post game show in the tent with izzie and the weather guy,they kept talking about how rowdy(in a good way) the fans were and they were so excited in a loss.Agin...these were PACKER FANS.I know,i was there.There is no doubt cam looks awesome,but how are the panthers going to utilize their running game AND let cam pass for 400 yards each game?Individual stats are nice,and Cam is fun to watch,and there is no doubt JR is benefiting from his 22 mil 1st round pick,but what is he getting out of the other newly signed vets? Allen Iverson was an awesome player and fun to watch,but how many championships did philly win with him? The panthers are 0-2.Is this what JR really wants? Do panther fans really want to cheer for a 3-13 team with an awesome pro bowl rookie qb,or a 12-4 playoff team with the emphasis on TEAM?

Anonymous said...

Looking around that stadium yesterday made me puke -

All you idiots who sold your tickets to Packer fans should lose your PSL's

I am sick of you stupid fools not showing up unless we are winning, and then telling others to sit down -

This will never be a real NFL town

I will be glad when most of you banking types lose your BofA jobs and get the hell out of Charlotte and this fan base

Anonymous said...

"Do panther fans really want to cheer for a 3-13 team with an awesome pro bowl rookie qb,or a 12-4 playoff team with the emphasis on TEAM"...........It takes time. The guy has played two NFL games. Things will settle down with this team and it will gain a balance and that is when everyone should watch out. With Cam, the Panthers are a work in progress right now.

Anonymous said...

"Newton still doesn't know how to read a defense".....He isn't calling the plays, only runs them how he can with what evolves. He has thrown for nearly 900yds in two games and as you say, 'doesn't know how to read a defense'?" Really?

Ed Nailor said...

Loser are losers. No matter what may go right, they only see the wrong.

Before the season kicked off, Cam haters labeled him a "bust" before he threw a pass in a real game. Before the Arizona game, they claimed he would look like a fool. After the very impressive performance from the Arizona game, the haters claimed it was because Arizona had a "nothing defense... Just wait till Green Bay!".

Green Bay came to town with one of the best defenses in the league, and Cam had got even more yardage! What? Is Green Bay a "nothing defense?"

Sure he threw INTs. ALL rookies throw INTs. Yes, he did not convert in the red zone as we would like, but the running game did not help. And with a compressed field and no running game, your chances of converting with just throwing diminish dramatically, regardless of who you are. There are still a number of zed zone possessions that Peyton, Drew, Aaron and Tom have settled for 3 pts.

The problem I see right now is that our defense (who really did hold their own fairly well against one of the strongest offenses in the league) still gives up a few big plays, and the running game is at a standstill... probably due more to a O-Line that needs some tuning.

As the year progresses, Cam learns the game even more, and the rest of the team steps up to help, this will be a force to reckon with!

If by some chance we have the first round draft choice, Andrew Luck will pay us great dividends as some team will trade the farm in picks and players to get that pick, and we will begin building the strongest NFC South team possible.

And just so you know, I was not sold on Cam when he was drafted, but with the poise, effort and focus he had in the pre-season, combined with the unreal effort he is putting forth in the real games, I truly believe this guy may well be our Peyton, Drew, Aaron or Tom.

Yes, it is still early, but why do the losers in life still want to label Cam (and the rest of the team too) as losers, when they are fighting hard, with a lot of promise, to make the team better. Real fans stand up, cheer and hope for the best!

Go Panthers!

Anonymous said...

September 19, 2011 9:18 AM

What seat row isle and level? Sounds like a lie.

Anonymous said...

Screw every Cam hater on here! Who cares about his red zone numbers! At least he is getting us to the RED ZONE!! Couldn't say that a year ago! Cam is the man! For all you Cam haters/KKK members... Keep dreaming about Andrew Luck cuz he ain't coming here! You guys are a bunch of idiots! Cam won't lead us to a Superbowl his 1st year! It may take 3 years & I'm happy with that!

Anonymous said...

Newton is 0-5 all starts. 0-3 and 0-2. He had less than 250 pass yds in 4 preseasons. Thats a bust.

Against GB he passed 95% of the time or 46 times 28-18 at 432 yds or 60% with 3 picks and 15.4 yds per recep. Average.
NFL teams adjust. Its short lived.

Anonymous said...

September 19, 2011 9:54 AM


Anonymous said...

What do y'all want out of Cam? 800 yards passing 7 TDs & 3 rushing TDs a game? Geez! Cam isn't the reason we are 0-2! Cam is the reason we was even in those game at the end of them! Stupid people that don't know jack about football are the ones who keep mentioning Luck! When Luck throws for 400+ in his 1st 2 starts in the NFL get up with me! Cam is going be a winner when all said & done! Luck can go lose for years with another team while Cam is winning here! Luck ain't half the QB than Cam is!

SupermanWears89 said...

Charlotte has the 32nd best fan base in the NFL. And reading this blog proves it.

The offense will get better. Cam starting throwing to better choices at crunch time which was an improvement over last weeks choices of Neenee and Goodson. He will learn to throw to the wide open TE instead of the double covered Superman. The O-line will remember how to run block as the defenses decide to put an end to the 400+ yard passing games. You guys are looking at the wrong side of the ball for our big problems. We have many nickel and dime corners, but only one starter. If the interior lineman and second corner do not improve alot, then we are going to lose alot.

Anonymous said...

"Against GB he passed 95% of the time or 46 times 28-18 at 432 yds or 60% with 3 picks and 15.4 yds per recep. Average. NFL teams adjust".......Darn straight they do. They will adjust for his passing and hence our run game will flourish. We have all the pieces in place. Teams are challenging him to throw and after two weeks, its becoming clear to everyone in the league, they are going to have to defend that. They can't defend both and the last two weeks, it was about defending our run game since that was our M/O. I look for double trouble to have great games against Jax.

Anonymous said...

I am a huge Panther's fan that happens to be a female. I enjoy watching the Panthers play as well as all NFL football. I am not on the 'Cam Newton' bandwagon quite yet, due to one reason and one reason only. Even though he has shown us he is a good QB on the field, he has great passing ability, can run in for a TD and has great poise on the field..I don't see him as mature or poised enough off the field.

Last week against Saints passing for 422 yards

Yesterday against Packers 28 of 46 passes for 432 yards,

Combined for 854 yards.

Sounds and looks good on paper. The thing I notice is, like with other QBs anytime they mess up on a play or go to the sideline on a 3 and out.. turnover or whatever the case may be, this young man sits on the bench with a towel over his head. I see the QB coordinator either sit/ stand next to him .. showing him the plays and pics that the team just messed up on.. Cam looks away 'SMACKING' that gum.. he may give the guy a node here or there.. a glance at the book once in a while.. when he has a bad drive, he puts the towel over his head..that shows me he is inmature as a QB, as a leader for the team, as a player that the fans want to see trying to learn after each play..he is closing off everyone else at that time.

I would like to know if this is acceptable to coaches, managers or Richardson.. I as a Panther's fans, would like to see this young man paying attention to the previous plays/drives. Seeing what he can improve on. Cam is under a 'TOWEL'... This really bugs me as a fan.

Cam states he wants to correct it now.. not wait later..but to me he shows alot of dissrespect to the coordiantor trying to show him the pictures/plays to improve on, he closses off his teammates and the fans when he sits there pouting w/ that towel on his head.

I know Delhomme, Clausen, Moore or Pike wasn't the best QB we ever had, but at least they sat or stood there like grown men and tried to absorb every little bit of information that the coaches tried to give them during the game.. and seemed very approachable.

I am not a HUGE fan of his right now. I see arrogance and stubborness. It's all about him. He grins on the field and sideline when he makes a good play and hides his head like a turtle in his shell when he messes up.


Anonymous said...

I am also a female Panther fan, Joy! I wonder if you were really paying that much attention to Clausen, Delhomme, etc when the QB coach went over plays with him. You along with the rest of the "WE HATE CAM" bunch have him under a microscope. Jimmy stunk up the place last year and I bet you were never motivated to post a comment! Our defense needs help and it wouldn't help if the O-line got their butts in shape. I haven't given up on the Panthers at 0-2. If we can keep the other team out of the end zone, then maybe Cam wouldn't have to do so much passing to win the game. Defense does win games!

Anonymous said...

I have been a football fan for a long time and have studied quarterbacks from Slingin' Sammy Baugh to Norm Van Brocklin, Bobby Lane to Bart Starr, Roger Staubach to Kenny Stabler, Joe Namath to Brett Farve, and Michael Vick to Aaron Rogers. There have been incredible athletes that have played quarterback in the pro ranks since the 1940s...70 years. Our Carolina Panthers quarterback just set the record for most passing yards in his first consecutive starts....just an amazing stat.

GAME BALL SUNDAY: Byron Bell - rookie offensive lineman. How often did you hear Matthews name? Unbelievable.

Most improved: Fua and McClain...gave up some yards but would you have predicted how well our defensive line would hold up based on the earlier games?

Runner-up: AE for confidently fielding the ball after a few shaky games. He's getting the hang of it...will start busting out soon, I think. (Goodson did a nice job of hanging onto the ball too).

Major disappointment (as Scott pointed out): Offensive line just not getting a push. Strong overall pass blocking but we can't move anybody to get the running game going. Don't really know if this can be solved with our current personnel.

Anonymous said...

Here are Peyton Mannings stats in his first year in the league...broken down by month. Based upon some of your comments Peyton should have been canned after the first year. Given some time, he has done pretty good.

Overall record: 3-13

Month G Att Comp Yds Tds Int

Dec 4 126 76 929 7 5

Nov 5 209 119 1,215 10 9

Oct 3 94 50 603 6 3

Sept 4 146 81 992 3 11

Give Cam some time to learn the NFL game and how to read the defenses in the red-zone!

Anonymous said...

Is it me or did Goodson looks slow and hesitant yesterday?

J. Simpson said...

To compare Cam Newton to Carruth is rediculous. I would remain anonymous too. You are a first class moron! For the record Newton is doing great, any true fan knows that a bad route or tipped ball can result in an interception. Even figuring the int's he is a star in the making,the sky is the limit. He has elevated every team that he has played on!
Way to go Cam! GO PANTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bests and Worsts hmmm...
1. Packers won.
2. Cam played really well.
3. Cam will be a very special and
dangerous player in his own way
during his development.
4. Future defenses will be
sleeping less the night before
the games.
5. Your fans bickering about the
most fascinating, yet very
eccentric, player to come to
the Panthers for many years.
Keep it up! It's good for us,
the competition.

1. Cam played really well. That is
bad for us, the competition.
2. Your fans bickering about the
most fascinating, yet very
eccentric, player to come to
the Panthers for many years.

Anonymous said...

But these hypocrites idiots want to give Newton all the time in the world after all his scammer shenanigans they try to forget and ignore and after the players union extorts billions from the general population plus Richardson extorted for 500 million more after all the whining BS and halfass lackadaisical play? America pays all these extra bills.

They hate and treat Clausen like a POS who has really been discriminated against and screwed in 2010 by non-blocking on the OL allegedly due to Smith telling them not to block or play to win. Total reverse racism from the Disturber who is nothing but a racist bigoted newspaper.

Double standards. Why not give Clausen a chance espec with 5 recievers on the line every play? Clausen has a much stronger accurate arm undefeated in preseason . And forget 28 yr old All Pro Anderson who is 6'7" 245 lbs who has a rocket accurate arm?Newton getting bigtime favortism.

How about a 75% sur tax on all professional athletes to reduce the deficit since they only play 25% of the year and lay around doing nothing the other 75% like bums? Call Obama.

Anonymous said...

Steve Smith is a punk. Jumps up and spins the ball after every catch like he just won the Super Bowl. Hey Einstein, you're 0-2! Get rid of this punk/thug. He makes me sick!

xlpharmacy said...

I am on board, the rest of you "fans" can go back to whatever rock you crawled out from...better yet, go be a falcons fan

Runescape Gold said...

then one much more issue...our own men have been actively playing their courage out and about these days...among the hardest reaching games I've come across in a very long time