Monday, August 1, 2011

On Olsen, Goodson and Armanti

I wrote my column today about Greg Olsen, who I've been very impressed with so far just watching him catch off a JUGS machine (which is about all he can do until later this week due to the new CBA rules). Here's the column.

Some other notes from the last couple of days:

-- Armanti Edwards said last season - when he barely played as a rookie trying to make the change from star college quarterback at Appalachian State to NFL receiver - was "one of the lowest points" of his football career.

Edwards said he lost confidence, particularly on punt returns.

"Last year I didn't trust myself," he said.

He has spent a large part of the summer working on route techniques with former Panther receiver Muhsin Muhammad, who has tried to get Edwards to use his hands more to get off the jams that NFL cornerbacks employ to throw receivers off-stride.

How that will all work out remains to be seen, but I will say that Edwards looks far more comfortable circling under a punt right now than he did in last year's practices.

-- Third-string running back Mike Goodson knows his opportunities to carry the ball will be limited because DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart - "Double Trouble," as they call themselves - are back. But Goodson plans to make the most of his chances.

"I'm going to try and change it to 'Triple Trouble,' " Goodson said of the running backs' nickname.

-- The Panthers' first padded practice is tonight (Monday).


John W. said...

You've been writing an awful lot about Olsen, and not as much about Shockey.

Any reason to believe we're looking at something other than a 1a, 1b situation on the depth chart?

Is it possible that Shockey is the second guy? Hopefully that won't be a problem.

Anonymous said...

armanti edwards is a joke. its time for him to play arena football or start coaching in high school.

Anonymous said...

To bad we don't have a QB to get him the ball!..Edwards and Newton can room together in the BUST suite ,and Goodson needs to see a doctor with his FUMBLITUS!

Michael Procton said...

John, Shockey hasn't been an above-average player as a receiver or blocker for years. Injuries and wear have caught up to him. If Olsen's not starting over him (without even mentioning his extension), there's a problem.

Ed Nailor said...

Why do you even allow comments on your posts? All I ever seem to see are extremely negative remarks, and while I am all for seeing both sides to a story, it seems that most people seem to think that they can be down right nasty and disrespectful in their opinions.

Personally, I am getting excited for the new season. I don't expect this to be a worst to first turn around, but I do expect a much improved team. The new coaching staff brings a new direction (one desperately needed!) The signings bring back the best of what we had and add new weapons that the new coaches can utilize.
And then there is the QB. Cam is a rookie, and the naysayers will use every bad pass to put him down. Many of them wish secretly to have Delhomme back it seems. I want him to succeed. It seems that at every turn, he impresses me. Just look forward to seeing him become the best player he can be, and hopefully that will mean some amazing things for the Panthers!
Anyway, figured you could use some positive among all the negative stuff.

Anonymous said...


Couldn't agree more.

Most True Panthers Fans

RobC said...

Can we get Braylon Edwards and/or maybe trade for Osi Umenyora. I'm not really familiar with how the current Cap works and how flexible the Panthers are in respect to it. But having a WR like Edwards to help Steve Smith, plus all the TE in the roster will give the Panthers a solid offense.

Steve Smith new attitude is great and he is a great player, but if he is your only reliable WR, that won't be enough, specially with a rookie QB, who's accuracy is not his best attribute. Osi Umenyora on the other hand will take the Panther defense to a whole new level and I think he can play with Johnson and they will be unstoppable.

I know, you don't said...

4-12 at the very best.

Anonymous said...

Newton will get Smitty the ball but we need another Vet WR. All non-believers please exit the wagon to the right.

bmpharmacy said...

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