Monday, August 22, 2011

Cam in Times Square

Thanks much to Charlottean and PSL owner Dan Owens, who snapped this picture of Cam Newton's larger-than-life Under Armour advertisement in Times Square and sent it along to me. Owens took the picture Sunday and wondered if Cam becomes the first Panther featured in such an ad in New York's tourist mecca -- I don't know for sure, but certainly would imagine so. (Photo by Dan Owens)

This is a rare photo-only blog post for me. If you want more of my perspective on Cam, click here, where my most recent two columns about him are posted and you can also link to lots more Panther coverage.


Anonymous said...

How about them Panther's ( are you ready for some football ! )

Anonymous said...

Great, ....more lusting after Cams body, instead of straight-talk regarding his lack of accuracy.

Where do these reporters eat lunch, Scorpio's?

MichaelProcton said...

Pretty much, 6:24. I guess Newton now has ONE way in which he's an NFL quarterback: his ad portfolio.

Anonymous said...

You guys are awful. Always easy to cut someone
down instead of encouraging. Coach stated that
Cam had no protection in the last game. It takes
a team, not one guy. Several of his incompletes
have been dropped by receivers. That would be
TEAM. Come on Panthers!! You guys can DO it!

Mexoplex said...

save your breath Anonymous 1:19, Theres always somebody crying. some of these Cam-fits sound personal - like he didnt sign their football they wanted to sell on Ebay.

Like it or not Cam is one of our Qbs. if he doesnt play right, we have two others. Get over it, get over yourself and GO PANTHERS!

Dagrimey1 said...

Remember before the draft when everyone said he looks like Jamarcus Russell. I think that pic puts that theory to rest.

It's not Cam, it is the O-Line! said...

4-12, if that. We have lost talent off last years team. We have the exact same situation. Teams will load the line, dare us to run, and will feast on our QB who is nowhere near ready to play big time football. Use DA, he gives us the only chance at wins.

Anonymous said...

This is some form of seemingly homosexual almost pedophile site where grown middle aged sports writers contineously gawk over a some half naked 22 year old pretend QB scam artist. Same for his gay defenders blinded by their own bigotry and hatred for other QBs.

Newton is terrible. He is no NFL QB. Its not even close. This is reality but the real blame lies with the media who caused all these problems as usual and know nothing.

Its all a scam.

Sportsdon said...

I shudder to think what is in your closet...

Anonymous said...

15 suits mainly Sears JC Pen-Nay, Belk and Kolhs, 20 pairs of dress casual shoes including a 2 tennis rackets 2 handball rackets 2 footballs 2 basketball, 2 cans of tennis balls 50 new golf balls and bag of clubs, and tennis shoes 20 shirts and 20 pairs of trousers plus 2 catchers mitts and 2 gloves plus 4-5 Sports Authority 34"-35" bats. Also 5 pairs of bermuda shorts and 10 belts along with 50 ties.

Its a big closet and that just the male side as the female side is loaded with 10,000 minimum in dresses and shoes etc

Its a 3000sf 450k crib with 3 cars just south of the border.

thats about it homie ...

Buy RS Gold said...

Everyone are bad. Always easy to reduce an individual
lower as an alternative to pushing. Coach stated that will
Camera had no defense during the last video game. It requires
a new group, not just one man. Many of his or her incompletes
happen to be dropped by devices. That you will find
Crew. Occur Panthers!! You guys are capable of doing that!