Sunday, July 31, 2011

Thoughts on Rivera

I've written about new Panthers coach Ron Rivera before, but in today's newspaper and online I have taken my first in-depth look at him (you can read it here).

First impressions: Rivera is intense, egalitarian, no-nonsense and personable. Certainly any first-year coach is going to have some sort of honeymoon period, but I will say this: Fans who care about the Panthers should be happy Rivera is here for a number of reasons. One of the big ones is this: He actually answers questions, which means fans will have a better idea what is going on with this team than they ever did in the John Fox era.

Fox would never admit to being surprised by anything. If aliens had landed on the 50-yard line at Wofford, he would have said he wasn't surprised. Rivera has none of that world-weary, "I've-seen-it-all-and-you-haven't-and-never-would-understand" demeanor, which is refreshing from a media standpoint of course but I think also will serve him well with the players.


Sportsdon said...

It would drive me crazy to see Fox say the same thing everyday, rain or shine for 9 long years. What was worse, was always hearing what a great guy he was off camera. Is that not a perfect example of someone being two-faced?

I just hope Rivera is openminded enough to change and adapt to the current players strengths and weakness. Capable of a game plan that is fluid and unpredictable.

Capable of talking to the fans like a professional businesman talks to his customers. We don't need the playbook, but don't talk down or pretend like we are dumb about football. Don't tell us what we saw...tell us what we missed.

I believe we won't have to listen to the injury excuse Fox would invoke when the untrained back-ups had to step up in mid-game. Rivera seems like a coach who wont leave players behind or unnoticed.

With a QB that can handle the speed of the NFL and the right guy pulling the strings we could win more games than we lose for a longtime to come.

Anonymous said...

crystal ball shows 0-16

delusions of grandeur

giddy Disturber hype hilarious

yype dies quick death.

Scam rookie = 22 million bust.

Rivera rookie = 5 yrs needed min.

They will both be eaten for a light snack.

Anonymous said...

Gonna be bad. If they win a single game it may be in Dec against Houston but doubtful unless they hire a vet QB and someone who knows offense and thats not Rivera.

Vegas odds are 1-15 in 2011.

Anonymous said...

Greedy lying NFL union CRIMINAL thieves just stole billions more with yet another tv cable contract.
Their hypocritical 2 faced supporters say nothing about these swine robbing the nation causing Obama to lose in 2012.


Anonymous said...

You guy posting that the Panthers will have a worse record than last year are completely clueless. Were you even aware that Fox is no long coach? Didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe the traitor Observer is hyping some GA scam artist over local IHS QB Chris Leak who has'nt been mentioned yet won 3 4A state titles went undefeated & holds the HS nat pass record at 16k yds plus won a NCAA title at UFlorida and was an exemplary student.
No thief or rogue cheat or pay for play there.

Charlotte Observer.

Leak available & 26 yrs old. Why not sign him & let him be CP starter? Send overhyped Scam Newton back to Georgia.
This is not even close.

markp18 said...

You know what's funny about the people who come here to complain? You're the same idiots who stand in the corner of a party where everyone else is having a good time and say "Pfft, this party sucks. The people suck, the food sucks, the music sucks the drinks suck. This all sucks."

So you know what? Leave. Stop watching the Panthers. Stop reading about the team. Or do your super powers come from your complete negativity about things you obviously have zero interest in?

Help thin out the herd and leave.

That is all.

markp18 said...
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Anonymous said...

why are there panthers fans? because we want to see home town team compete with and emerge with victory over other nfl teams. we're fans, by definition optomists. plain and simple. if some insist on trashing the owner/coaches/players, find something else to do. don't need your clutter on this or any other site. go panthers.

Anonymous said...

1-15 and the 1st pick again next year

WELACOME Andrew Luck baby !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

... hes back on the roids like last year.

allburn grad '09

Anonymous said...

Does Rivera still work as a landscaper too?

Sportsdon said...

It's real easy to post a comment about how the team is going to be lousy again without any logic or educated opinion. My question is why take the time to offer up nothing to your fellow readers?

I think markp18 is right, you guys would be lame to hang out with or work with. I certainly hope I don't have to sit next to any of you at a game this year.

Sportsdon said...

The fact that the negative posts are signed as Anonymous says a lot about the personality of the posters and the time and thought they put into their daily lives.

Anonymous said...

yo man ... everybody on the team even the coaches knew he was juicin last year ... him and a few others ...

panthers4life said...

And u losers call urself fans. I agree with sportsdon and markp18, look on the bright side instead of makin urself go gray by bein so freakin negative bout somethin u kno little about

Anonymous said...

BobbyB said...

We have 4 things we didn't have last year--a head coach, an OC who coached Phillip Rivers and knows what a post pattern is, some great talent, and most of our injured key players returning like TD. Feeling good about it. My PSL is feeling good about it. All you haters can go watch the World Cup, or Maury Povich or maybe some tennis. The foundation is there. No way to go but up.

Anonymous said...

we know who the real haters are
0-16 psl holder -- yea rite -- you couldnt buy a cup of coffee much less a psl

xlpharmacy said...

I think he is a good coach, he just need a little more time to adjust to the team and viceversa.