Thursday, August 4, 2011

Panthers are 150-1 to win Super Bowl

Bodog sent me its current Super Bowl odds, which are below. The Panthers and Buffalo Bills are the longest shots to win the Super Bowl, at 150-1.

But get this -- the Panthers odds have actually gotten worse than they were three months ago, BEFORE this current spending spree that they're on. On May 4th, shortly after the NFL draft, they were only 100-1.

So let's just say oddsmakers aren't as impressed as folks locally have been with Carolina's recent upgrades. New England has surged ahead of Green Bay in the past three months and now ranks as the slight Super Bowl favorite.

For your perusal, listed in order of shortest to longest odds to win the next Super Bowl:

Odds to win the 2012 Super Bowl XLVI (Current)

New England Patriots 13/2

Green Bay Packers 7/1

Philadelphia Eagles 8/1

San Diego Chargers 11/1

New York Jets 12/1

Atlanta Falcons 14/1

Pittsburgh Steelers 14/1

Baltimore Ravens 16/1

Dallas Cowboys 16/1

New Orleans Saints 16/1

Indianapolis Colts 18/1

New York Giants 25/1

Chicago Bears 28/1

Houston Texans 28/1

Detroit Lions 30/1

Minnesota Vikings 30/1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 30/1

Kansas City Chiefs 40/1

St. Louis Rams 40/1

San Francisco 49ers 50/1

Miami Dolphins 55/1

Arizona Cardinals 65/1

Oakland Raiders 65/1

Jacksonville Jaguars 75/1

Tennessee Titans 75/1

Cleveland Browns 80/1

Denver Broncos 80/1

Seattle Seahawks 80/1

Cincinnati Bengals 100/1

Washington Redskins 100/1

Buffalo Bills 150/1

Carolina Panthers 150/1

Odds to win the 2012 Super Bowl XLVI (as of 5/4/2011)

Green Bay Packers 7/1

New England Patriots 7/1

Pittsburgh Steelers 11/1

San Diego Chargers 12/1

Baltimore Ravens 14/1

New York Jets 14/1

New Orleans Saints 16/1

Indianapolis Colts 16/1

Atlanta Falcons 16/1

Philadelphia Eagles 16/1

Dallas Cowboys 16/1

New York Giants 18/1

Chicago Bears 25/1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 30/1

Minnesota Vikings 35/1

Detroit Lions 35/1

Houston Texans 35/1

Kansas City Chiefs 35/1

Oakland Raiders 40/1

San Francisco 49ers 40/1

St. Louis Rams 40/1

Miami Dolphins 50/1

Tennessee Titans 50/1

Washington Redskins 50/1

Cincinnati Bengals 60/1

Denver Broncos 60/1

Cleveland Browns 65/1

Jacksonville Jaguars 65/1

Arizona Cardinals 75/1

Seattle Seahawks 80/1

Buffalo Bills 100/1

Carolina Panthers 100/1


I know, you don't said...

Why do you continue to call the recent moves "upgrades"? They wer lateral at best, and moves down in some cases. We have dont nothing to address the core issues, the HORRIBLE O-line pass blocking, and the inability to hire anyone in the D secondary. We are holding last year's position. That is, the worst in the league. LONG year to come.

Anonymous said...

I like those odds! I'll put a dollar on that.

To poster above, with Otah healthy, we have a top 5 OL.

Anonymous said...

Carolina may eventually be good, but just too many holes and not enough depth. Brees, Ryan and Freeman throwing against an iffy and thin secondary and, as of today, no starting QB. Good, even great starters at a lot of positions, but not much to back them up. Hard to put them this season above NOLA, ATL or TB.

Anonymous said...

Wow....I thought we didn't have a chance !!!
(a la "Dumb and Dumber" movie)

Anonymous said...

$1000 each on Saints and Falcons at 16-1 each would be a decent bet. Chances are it is one of them playing Green Bay in NFC Champioship.....get past the Packers then anything can happen in Super Bowl.

BlakCatFever said...

I checked this out with the Psychic Hot Line, and a lady with the bizarre accent said the Panthers wouldn’t win the SB, but would be fun to watch this season. Either that, or she gave me a recipe for Jambalaya. I’m not really sure…

Anonymous said...

Damn. Guess all that Qb hype by the local birdcage liner is pretty much meaningless to the rest of the world.

Scam who?

Bird said...

Wow, with those new odds, we tumbled to the bottom from...uh...the bottom.

Anonymous said...

scott you must search constantly to find something negative to feed the negative nabobs that follow you. at least this wasn't one of your lazy
"the 5 things no one gives a crap about" columns.
this team had no coaching last year and those injured knew it was wise to sit until a new administration got here. they will not be great, but better than you will give them credit for. difference...coaching, attitudes.

Anonymous said...

These odds reflect the opinion of the people who actually make bets. If a team gets too much money bet on it, the odds go down. If very few people bet on the Panthers, the odds go up, to entice people to bet. Bodog pays the winners and keeps the rest. They want lots and lots of money on the rest.

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