Monday, August 8, 2011

Ron Edwards' injury

I wrote my column today about Ron Edwards, the Panthers' new defensive tackle who tore his triceps in his very first practice as a Panther.

(MONDAY UPDATE from "Inside the Panthers" blog: Edwards has to undergo surgery and will likely be out a minimum of two months, and maybe the whole season).

This was a column I actually wrote twice. I talked to Edwards Thursday night by phone (I was out of town and not in Spartanburg, although I will return there for much of this week). He sounded happy. The column was slated to be published on Monday -- occasionally we try to work a few days ahead in the sports coverage business, although to do so is always somewhat perilous.

I wrote most of the column Friday. Sure enough, on Friday night, the Panthers said Edwards had torn his triceps.

At first, I was going to throw away the column completely. But then I decided to rewrite it instead, more on the theme of how quickly the ground can shift under your feet in the NFL (as in life).

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Anonymous said...

Hi Scott: Could someone in the Panthers organization address the question: Why does the team seem to suffer season ending injuries to major players every season that strangles the team when other teams don't seem to suffer such problems. Is there a problem with the training or rehab position in the Panthers?